Smart Apps for Preschoolers to Learn Phonics and Letters


Technology is taking over our lives for better. It’s astonishing to notice that it’s even affecting children. There are smart apps for preschoolers out there that can help your child to revolutionize their learning experience.

With your help, children can learn the basic concept of Phonics and Letters even before starting school. Not with strict timetables and lesson plans, but with the help of smart apps for preschoolers.

It you are a smart parent, you cannot ignore smart apps for preschoolers. Your children will love it. Making children understand Phonics and Letters is a tough task. But you cannot be oblivious to it. Here is where smart apps for preschoolers works.

Here are some effective smart apps for preschoolers

  1. Alpha Tots App

Alpha Tots App, an award winning prestigious app uses action verbs to teach children alphabet and phonics. It consists of puzzles, interactive mini-games, and a sing-a-long song built around the ABCs. Alpha Tots App is built with fascinating bright designs in order to attract children. This smart app for preschoolers doesn’t encourage the popping out of third-party ads. The app is available on iTunes and Google Play.

  1. Endless Alphabet App

Endless Alphabet App is one among the most adorable smart apps for preschoolers. This fabulous app helps children learn ABCs using grown-up words. Children will love to experience building vocabulary with admirable monsters in the app. over 50 words are available for your little ones to learn and to explore. The app is available on iTunes for $6.99 and is free to download from Google Play Store.

  1.  Reading Rainbow App

Within 36 hours of introducing this app to iTunes, it became the most downloaded educational app. It’s easy for kids to access over hundreds of quality books and to enjoy video field trips with a fascinating show host Lavar Burton. They can also head out to explore themed islands such as Animal Kingdom. Reading Rainbow app allows parents to track how much time their kids have been spending with the books and what they have been reading.

  1. Learn With Homer

With fascinating stories, sweet songs, engaging drawings and cute characters, Learn with Homer is one among the best smart apps for preschoolers. The app maintains Common Core literacy standards as it is created by literacy experts. The level of interactivity is awesome in the app.   Learn with Homer consists of traditional phonics lessons and exercises. With the app it’s possible for children to record their own voices. Tracking individual progress of children is really simple.

  1. Writing Wizard App

Children love animated stickers and games, that’s why they will love Writing Wizard App. Audio and video in the app helps children to trace while learning the phonemic sound of each letter. They will find it cool to trace the words of their choice, like their name. With the app it is possible for parents to adjust letter size; they can also choose the letter show-hide modes.

Smart apps for preschoolers have a lot of positive effects:

#Learning is no more tiring

#Enables hand-eye co-ordination

#Encourages healthy lifestyle

#Prepare kids better for future

Some parents believe that it’s better to keep children away from technology. But, there’s is no denying that children benefits from it. Make your child understand the basic concepts of Phonics and Letters in an engaging way with smart apps for preschoolers.

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