Role of Software in Parent-Teacher Communication

Education is an enlightening experience. It is not simply teaching and learning from the text books and gathering certificates. As far as a child is concerned, this enlightenment first takes place from home, and then, from school. So, to mould a perfect human being, there must be cognition between parents and teachers.

A few centuries back, it was possible only by conducting an annual parent-teacher meeting. But, of course, it is not sufficient to have a better understanding of the students’ track.

Nowadays, circumstances have changed and we have more ways to keep in touch with the teachers or the schooled authorities. Phone calls, e-mails etc. are some of the best means of communication between teachers and parents. But, they too lack consistency.

At present, using software that connects teachers and parents in a short period of time, with accuracy can do wonders.

Why parent-teacher communication is said to be necessary?

We send our kids to schools for development in their career and in their personality. So, it is the responsibility of teachers to inform parents regarding group behavior, attendance and activities of each student.

If anything unusual happens, they must analyze it, discuss it with the parents and find a solution. Of course, parents should also inform teachers regarding the same. A proper interaction between parents and teachers is highly recommended for the progress of the child’s personality and for their safety. If problems are identified earlier, they can be solved easily and quickly.

But today, both parents and teachers are so caught up in their busy schedules to find enough time to discuss each and every happening in students’ routine. Edsys provides a platform for teachers and parents to solve this problem through the ‘Parent Portal’.

Parent Portal – software that connects parents and teachers in a touch

It is a useful software exclusively designed for parents to know what is happening in school, without any delay.

  • Any parent can login to the software application through their smart phones, laptops or desktops.
  • The software always notifies updates and news from the school about the child’s performance.
  • It facilitates constant communication between parents and teachers through the communication centre. Both parents and teachers can monitor the student’s performance and take necessary actions as the situation demands.
  • Moreover, Edsys connects Parent Portal with School Bus Tracking System and this enables both parents and school authorities to track the real-time location of school bus with their electronic gadgets.
  • Through Parent Portal, parents can make online payments such as school tuition fee and vehicle fees. They don’t have to take the risk of sending money with children.
  • Academic progress, attendance, results etc. can also be analyzed with the Parent Portal.

What difference do these software make?

Parents and teachers are busy with their jobs. Therefore, it is not possible for them to watch each and every movement of students. Since parents can get the attendance report, activity records, time tables, calendars, school bus time and progress reports at their fingertips at any moment, there is no need to disturb the teacher by calling them every now and then. Parents and teachers need to call each other only when they find anything troublesome in the students’ track record. Then, they can discuss the matter and check previous records for verification purpose. Moreover, there is no need to spy your kid 24/7 about their expenses and whereabouts!

Smart Cards

Smart cards for schools is an important tool which helps the parents to have an eye on the complete record of a students’ activity. Smart cards provide identification, authentication, data storage and application processing. They complement parent-teacher communication software.

Edsys provides smart cards for schools with which the students can make purchases from school canteen and book store. Parents will get SMS alerts regarding the purchases the students make. Smart cards can also be used to borrow books from the school library.

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