Did you know that RIMS (Real time Institution Management Systems) also has the feature for sms alerts? Parents can keep track of their children’s progress by following critical updates from schools. The Alert system is in focus to send out important notifications to parents with key features like

  • Individual messaging
  • Group messaging
  • Fee Arrears notification
  • Attendance notification
  • Transport notification

Today’s fast moving world is demanding a lot from teachers and parents in keeping track of academics and student performance. With advance of technology and easy accessibility of devices, schools and institutions have benchmarks to attain. Here is how RIMS can help you.

  • Receive messages from teachers. Provides individual attention
  • Receive notification of fee due date and measures
  • Updates on attendance percentage
  • Receive alert when student is not present
  • Be informed about unexpected changes
  • Notification on transport facilities, change in routes etc
  • Receive direct messages from Head of the institution

So its time you think about your software achieving parent satisfaction. Are you loosing time in following up with parents? With RIMS its time to be organized so you can assure parents that student progress and safety is taken care of with priority.

Write to us to discuss about the best practical solutions. We can walk your existing system to RIMS capability making the transition as easy as possible, and help you reduce the cost of IT management. Lets be partners to success.