Resources for History Teachers

Making the perfect notes for the class is a demanding task for history teachers. Only by depending on the right resources can they make impressive notes. The prepared materials should not only leave a lasting impression on students, but also create a positive attitude towards the subject.

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Learning about the old leaders, events and the origin of modern day politics has made history classes favourite of many students. But teaching history with text books alone is not as exciting. New technologies can add that extra element of attractiveness to the subject.  It is true that technology has extended its service upon education as well. Addition of images and audio while teaching history can elevate the classroom experience to the next level.

Timetable management software helps teachers to manage things easier without stress. RFID tags ensure better safety of students by making it easier to identify individuals. Likewise, there are numerous technological inventions that can bring change into the classroom and teaching style.

Introducing new technology in education can help students to learn by themselves by inquiring rather than depending blindly on text books.

Let your students experience history rather than mugging up facts.

Let’s explore the possibilities of history teachers:

1. World History Association

World History Association is a website that helps history teachers to the core. It is the foremost organization which aims at the promotion of world history by encouraging teaching, research and publication.

World History Association was found in the year 1982 by a group of teachers and academicians. This website provides useful resources for secondary and college instructors. There are several history website links in the World History Association website, which can be used to further explore areas of interest.

2. World History Connected

World History Connected aims at providing free information on world history for students, teachers and those interested to explore history. World History Connected strives to keep the readers up to date on the latest research and debates and also presents innovative classroom-ready scholarship.

The website presents best teaching methods and practices as well as reports on exemplary teaching. World History Connected is free worldwide.

3. Bridging World History

Bridging World History is for teachers looking for an excellent resource in history. The site features 26 units in world history along with classroom resource, videos, archives and audio glossary.

The website encourages ensures advanced learning methods. Bridging World History helps teachers to construct better and improved teaching methods. The site is free of service worldwide.

4. Internet Modern History Sourcebook

Internet Modern History Sourcebook provides teachers and learners access to documents, research aids and multimedia sources that peep in to the contemporary world.

The site is a perfect partner for any modern or contemporary world history classroom. Internet Modern History Sourcebook consists of diversity of topics, neatly arranged that can be found easily. It’s easy to find the desired topics without much effort. The site is a gem for teachers.

5. World History Matters

World History Matters consists of rich resource for teachers and learners interested in history. The site is a portal to other sites of world history as well, which allows learners to explore the field of interests more.

World History Matters provides direct access to two projects; one is World History Sources and the other is Women in World History. The sections help to locate the desired topic. Search engine from the portal can be used to search both sites at the same time or visit and each site separately. Understanding the complex nature of world history becomes easy with World History Matters.

6. World History Resource Center

World History Resource Center consists of highly useful information on world history from the origins of man through the Cold War. The site is filled with online documents, maps, simulations and photos pertaining to the history of the world.

Teachers can make use of World History Resource Center to a great extent. There is History Quiz section in the site that tests the strength of learners in history.

Testimonials straight from teachers;

“As a history teacher, I have developed a method for teaching history, using a series of about 50 cross-referenced videos and over 75 powerpoint multimedia lecture outlines to help students see history as a dynamic process of causes and effects, not just a meaningless list of names and dates.”- Stella Johnson

Get Best Free History Apps (Check it Now)

“The photographs work very well. Students especially, those who are visual learners, really like them. They bring the broad essence of history out of the material, and that is one thing that I really like about them. I used them in class lectures a few times, but I discovered that students really need to have a paper copy in front of them to be able to follow them along. I will be using them again this semester.”- Anthony Louise

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