A good morning routine for school is a great foundation to have a productive day ahead.

Good time management and proper planning is the key to follow a flawless morning routine and start off the day peacefully.

Being stressful in the morning is never going to help you as you end up getting ready late, forget some important stuff for school, eat less and be unproductive throughout the day.

Rushing to get ready makes you less attentive to small things around you and this will have negative after-effects for the day or even the following days.

Forming good habits is never easy as it requires a lot of patience. Even if you fail in the first few days, never give up but try hard to stick on to the plan and you will slowly start succeeding.

Here are a few of the best tips and hacks that can help you to develop a good morning routine for school.

1. Set Sleep Goals and Stick to It

Going to sleep early at night and waking up early in the morning makes your day more productive.

That is why it is important for school going students to set sleep goals. Having a proper good night’s sleep is really important to make you fresh for the next day.

So learn to finish your evening activities early and go to bed so that you get at least 8 hours of good sleep. Just like setting and developing sleep goals, sticking to it is the most important for a good morning routine.

  • Try not to use technology before bedtime
  • Set the mood for sleep
  • Stick to a regular sleeping schedule

2. Get Half-Ready the night before itself

Doing as many things as possible the night before will give you enough time in the morning to get ready and do the needful in a more relaxed manner.

  • Keep the bag ready with the necessary things that are required for the next day.
  • Have a look at the time table and see that you don’t miss out any necessary books
  • Have a look at the weather forecast for the next day and choose the outfits in advance
  • Keep the uniform properly ironed and polish the shoes
  • You may help parents to keep the breakfast and lunch for the next day ready in advance in possible cases. Preparing and keeping it refrigerated helps you to just warm it and use the next day almost instantly.

3. Make your Bed once you wake up

Make it a habit to make your bed once you wake up. This is always part of developing good disciplines in life. Moreover, making your bed will help you not to go back to sleep even if you are tempted.

But see that you take only a couple of minutes to arrange and keep the sheets, pillows, and blankets on the place.

This will also help you to get straight to bed when you are sleepy at night and avoid doing the arrangement when you are tired after the long day.

4. Prepare a Visually appealing Basic Routine Chart

In the case of kindergarten and preschool kids, it is not very easy to make them all ready for school on time with just some plain instructions.

Parents may set up a visually appealing basic routine chart that motivates kids to do their routine activities on their own without the need of pushing them for it every time.

You may also go for sticky notes in their bedroom, bathroom and living room that reminds them of what to do when to get ready on time.

5. Design a Simple Checklist

A customized basic morning routine chart can even be a great option to help high school students, as well. However, a comprehensive checklist can be a better choice for their age as they learn to do things on their own.

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Parents may help them to prepare a checklist for a systematic morning routine in the first place so that they don’t miss out on any important activities on the list.

But it is best to leave the rest to them so that they become more responsible and organized individuals.   

6. Create a Schedule Calendar

It is a very good option to have a schedule calendar for a family that hangs in the living room.

It can include separate columns for each of the kids in the family and maybe parents too. This will give a clear idea for parents on what all activities are happening on a particular day.

Each kid can be given a separate color on the calendar which makes it easy to identify their chart. Parents and kids can sit down together once a week to discuss past activities and give suggestions to improve their routines.

7. Always keep some Buffer Time

It is common for kids to plan the activities in such a way that there is no room for free time.

If any of the activities get delayed for whatever reasons, all of the following activities will get affected.

So it is always suggested to keep some buffer time for each activity so that everything can be managed well even if something gets delayed.

8. Keep Everything in the Same Place

Kids usually spend a lot of time in the morning to find out the items that are needed to get ready or the ones that are required for school.

Kids should develop a habit of being more systematic and organized in the way they keep their belongings.

Keeping everything including the bags, socks, shoes, water bottles, and coats in the same place after use saves a lot of time which is unnecessarily spent to find them.

9. Always Keep up a Positive Vibe at Home

Once you wake up in the morning, start the day fresh with an overall positive atmosphere at home.

It is good to give a morning smile to your family members and greet them. Make it a morning routine for school.

Besides, it would be a great idea to play some soothing music at home while you get ready.

Have a family playlist including everyone’s favorites. Parents can take initiative to exchange some positive words with kids, hug them and hold hands to show affection which means a lot to them.

10. Stay organized with Homework and School Supplies

It is important to stay systematic with the completion of homework before you head to school.

It is always better to complete the assignments before sleep the previous night. If you are leaving it for the morning,

be sure that you wake up early enough to complete it without any hurry.

Similarly, be ready with the school supplies and replace or refill it on time whenever needed to avoid last-minute worries.

If you are part of smart classrooms, see that the devices have full power and charge it to full the night before themselves.

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11. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Parents have to make sure that kids eat a healthy breakfast before they head to school.

Kids are usually in a hurry in the morning and tend to eat less during breakfast to save time.

This makes them less productive for the day. So sit with kids to talk on the importance of a healthy breakfast and persuade them to leave enough time in their morning routine for the same.

12. Create and Maintain a Morning Routine

It is important to have a regular morning routine for school and try to stick on to it.

You can start off the day by switching off the alarm, morning prayers and making the bed.

Then get into the bathroom to do the morning routines including brushing teeth and take shower.

Get dressed up and have a healthy breakfast, if possible with your family.

Have a look into the bag once more to see that everything is kept ready for the day.

Spend some time with your loved ones, pets and siblings.

Wear proper socks and shoes, close and lock the house door if you are the last one to go and start off the day to school peacefully.

13. Always Plan to Start Early from Home

It is always a good decision to start a little early than the normal time from home to school.

This will keep you more relaxed and energetic rather than rushing to get ready in the last minute.

Or else you will tend to start from home in a hurry and this will probably lower your confidence level as everything seems to be incompletely done.

If there is any traffic delay or some unexpected incidents, things can go even worse and you will be late for school. Starting off from home a little early can help you to reach on time even if there are some minor delays on the way.

14. Start off the day with Positive and Motivational Thinking

Starting the day with a good positive note has a lot to do with building self-esteem.

A good positive and motivating thinking can help kids to start off on the right track and stay optimistic.

Repeating positive affirmations like I am friendly, I am capable, I am strong, I can face my fears, My parents are proud of me, etc keeps kids more empowered, happier and go forward to face anything that comes their way.

Follow these tips and tricks and you will soon feel an overall change in the way you start off your day.

A good morning routine keeps you more energetic and awake for the day and the resultant good feel helps you to be more productive.

As the mornings are not rushed anymore, you will feel that there is a lot of time left which keeps you more relaxed.

The resultant positive vibe can pass on to the people around you and your days will be more happy and energetic.