How Wearable Technology in Education Play a Vital Role


Many a times, using technology is the best way to avoid wastage of time and efforts. Designed for helping teachers and students with everyday tasks, wearable technology in education certainly fits the bill perfectly. Thus, we have seen rapid progress in the development of the wearables as educators are making the best use of this technology. Instead of mere distraction, they are now viewing it as an opportunity to enhance learning and impart knowledge like never before. 

Here are some points which state how wearable technologies can play a vital role in the education system

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Ways To Use Wearable Technology In Education

1. Student Engagement

When we compare with most of the recent innovations related to education, wearable technologies are indeed making a mark to keep the students hooked up to their lessons.

For instance, with the help of Google Glasses, students can get first hand knowledge and have some good point-of-view experiences. This also gives rise to learning with experiments and good content supporting the subject.

2. Teachers and students can collaborate in an excellent way

Be it a traditional classroom environment or a distance learning class, students can easily connect with the teachers or their mentors. This helps both the teachers and students to build tremendous academic relationships.

Like mobile devices, wearables technologies can remain with the student all the time in various forms. This has drastically reduced time constraint and teachers, they no more need to assemble students in a class to start with a session.

3. Wearable technology makes technology hands free

With both the hands free, users can now interact with the real world and have good access to the devices connected near the student. This highly increases the level and quality of communication.

There are other features like environment sensing which fosters healthy learning habits. With cameras being seamlessly incorporated in google glasses, students can now record lectures at a good pace and moreover, they can take down notes without missing out on anything.

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4. Wearable technology now comes with various integrations

Wearable technologies is growing leaps and bounds with each passing year. You will now find these devices that have the functionalities like GPS, messaging as well as chat to make things a lot easier for students and teachers.

All the implications helps students learn in a better way and have good access to all the material they find. They can seamlessly take down all the important stuff and assimilate data for future reference. There are even more functionalities in store for the education system which will foster healthy learning habits.

5. Wearable technologies and its importance in universities

To start with, they are the best devices that can be used for orientation in high schools and universities. The students can view the lab demonstrations. They can even make use of Google Glasses to identify the required building from the on-campus map.

Distance learning makes the best use of wearable technology in education, as the teacher records all the medical techniques and experiments and students sitting in any corner of the world can learn and discuss on Google hangouts.

Thus, students and teachers have just begun to realize the unending innovations and advantages which the wearable technology in education are bringing in the learning environment. It is very essential to help students and teachers to come together on one platform to embrace this vision. Now the time has come, we take aid of these shinny devices as they are really playing a very important role in education system.

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