The influence of smartphone technology is greatly revolutionizing the educational sphere than ever before.

With the widespread acceptance of e-learning and high demand for online education options, developing educational apps have turned out as the need of the hour.

However, making an impact among the folks when there are many numbers of similar educational apps around us trigger some serious discussion.

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So it is not just about building a basic app but creating one with unique features and user comfort. Enthusiasts are still amazed by the way an educational app like Byjus has won the trust of millions in a very short span of time.

Byjus app features a 4.7  star app rating, 42+ million downloads and its users are spread across 1701+ cities worldwide.

The ease of use, simplicity, and effectiveness has made the app a standout among its counterparts.

It is no wonder why enthusiasts are looking forward to creating a replica of the Byjus app or something beyond that. However, one common question that many of them ask is regarding the cost to create an app like Byjus.

Let us have a look at it

Steps Involved for Creating an App

If you are new into app creation, then the chances of getting confused about how to get it done with minimal errors is quite normal.

However, following a systematic and wise approach can help you accomplish it with minimal efforts.

Here let us have a look at some of the crucial steps involved in the process.

  • Sketch an interesting idea for your app
  • Perform enough market research and study regarding A to Z of similar apps
  • Do a reality check and generate mock-ups of your app
  • Come up with attractive graphic design to make it appealing
  • Build the landing page for the application
  • You are now ready to make the app with Xcode and Swift
  • The app has to be launched in the App Store for end users
  • Do enough marketing to help the application to get its right exposure.
  • Have a constant check on the user feedback and keep on updating and improving the app

Also think about what uniqueness you can bring to the app that can make it a standout choice among the enthusiasts.

Moreover, the need of users may vary from time to time. That is why it is important to keep an eye on the changing trends and improvise the app accordingly.

Choosing the Platform for App

One of the key decisions is regarding the platform for the application.

You can either choose to go for iOS or Android or a cross-platform application.

However, your decision can have a considerable change in the overall expense of app creation.

If you decide to go for a single platform, considering iOS would be a great idea.

This is a vital choice if your plan is to develop the MVP of the app. As testing will be done only in fewer device types, the chances of success are high. Moreover, a beginner can make the best use of a sophisticated and more refined approach of iOS app development.

App Features and Requirements

You may either go for a basic app with minimal features or an advanced one with outstanding features to really stand out like Byjus. A student or parent looking for an app like Byjus will surely look for the following core features:

  • Easy log in/ registration: Sign up through social media, email id or a mobile-driven OTP is usually expected.
  • FlexibleSubscription Options: Users will look for convenient ways to choose the courses of interest
  • In-app chat window: This is one of the must-have features these days, as users always look forward to getting instant updates regarding subject-specific queries or fees.
  • Weekly/monthly tests: This is one reason why parents choose Byjus as a weekly or monthly evaluation of what the student has learned
  • Social sharing: With the influence of social media, learners would be eager to share their scores to peers which is in a way to boost their performance FAQs: There can be many queries whenever a person is using an app and FAQ can help them to make the best use of the app features without any doubts.

Here are the key segments or requirements that are expected out of an advanced e-learning app that can be featured for a better user experience.

  • Admin Panel: Crash report analysis, Manage courses, User analytics and monitoring, User data management, Report sharing, Transaction history, Intercom support
  • Student Panel: Registration page, Forgot password, Profile manager, Browse courses, Online reader, Live chat support,
  • Additional Features: Geolocation, Data sync, In-app camera, Parental interaction, Push notification, and Discounts/vouchers

Byjus app – Trivia Features

  • Unlike many similar educational apps, there are exclusive apps available for classes 4 – 10, classes 11 – 12, and for test preparation.
  • For classes 4 – 10, the focus is for conceptual learning with personalized learning programs with special emphasis for CBSE, ICSE, and State Board students.
  • For classes11 – 12, the emphasis is on JEE, NEET, and BITS to ensure a smart preparation with adaptive learning for competitive exams.
  • For test preparation, the focus is on IAS and CAT preparation where students have exclusive access to game-changing video lectures.

What makes Byjus special among its competitors?

Here are a few among its trivial features:

  • Personalized Learning Journeys: Students are enabled to identify their strengths and weaknesses through knowledge graphs.
  • Engaging Video Lessons: Students can visualize the subject concept which makes it easier to understand.
  • Lessons are designed according to the student’s grade & syllabus and comprise adaptive questions.
  • Unlimited practice & in-depth analysis: Students are enabled to master each chapter through adaptive and interactive tests
  • Engaging Interactive Questions: This feature develops a student’s critical thinking abilities and evokes curiosity.
  • Digital Animations and Illustrations: Topics that are difficult to understand are conveyed in a fun and engaging manner.

When it comes to user experience, Byjus has done the best through suitable subscription offers, data syncing and push notifications, third party SDK for payments integration, chat/messaging service, parental interaction, free demo, and a lot more.

Moreover, the Class Mentor App enables parents to track and evaluate the learning success of their kids

Benefits of Creating an Education App like Byjus

As there are many e-learning apps available at the moment, creating an exceptional app like Byjus can be a groundbreaking decision.

The high reach and wider acceptance of the app can double the monetary benefits in no time.

For instance, internet giants like Facebook are funding Byjus, considering its online education brilliance that has changed the face of education.

Many paid subscribers and around 8 million users have shown trust for the Byjus and looking forward to learning smarter with the app.

Through an app like Byjus, remarkable user experience can be offered to the public. The following are the key benefits enjoyed by students, teachers and parents through apps like Byjus.

  • Remote learning options
  • The right mix of education and entertainment
  • Availability of new learning methods
  • The flexible and portable medium of education
  • Smart and systematic learning solutions
  • 24/7 Availability

How much does it Cost to Create an learning  App like Byjus

More than just a basic e-learning app, Byjus have a lot more in the store that has grabbed the attention of millions of students, parents, and teachers.

These innovative and impressive features have made it an admirable and excellent choice.

With all these unique features and convenient options aimed at user experience, you cannot expect to get it done with a minimal budget. Let us have a quick look into the areas that impact the actual cost:

  • Software Design: A good design is vital if you aim for a better user interaction with the app for longer period. Even when an advanced design is expensive in the beginning, its tangible benefits will overcome it in the longer run.
  • Mobile Platform: As we have discussed earlier, if you are looking for a cheaper option, it is better to go for iOS platform. However, cross-platform apps can help the app to get more exposure and thus more revenue.
  • App Size: We have discussed regarding many important features necessary for an e-learning app, some being basic and some advanced. You can be choosy regarding the app size if there are budget constraints but a comprehensive app with outstanding features can really make a difference in the longer run.
  • Libraries and Software: The choice between use of open-source software components or paid resources and technology can reflect in cost of the app. A good e-learning mobile app development company can advise you regarding the same.
  • Mobile Wallet: If you aim to eliminate the payment problems and enrich the customer experience, it is good to consider a mobile wallet inclusion. But you may push it out from the list for an economic app development.
  • Post-Development Services: The updates, maintenance and marketing part after app development also contributes to the overall expense. Choosing an app development company that provides these services at affordable packages can be of great help.
  • App Developers: Finally, it is about whether you are planning to develop the app with your own team or outsourcing it. It is very common to outsource the job to experts to reap exceptional benefits with minimal efforts. In that case, their experience in the field, geographic location and expertise level can reflect on the expense. An Indian app developer would be a great choice as the charges can come as low as $25 to $50 per hour when compared to $80 to $250 per hour for Europe and US developers.

So it is a great choice to go for an Indian app development company if you wish to get the basic version of an app like Byjus at an average cost of $25000. However, if you plan for a cross-platform version, the price can go up to $35000.

Businesses looking to deliver courses or impart training can very well consider creating an app like Byjus to make a dream impact in the arena.

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The success stories of Byjus have a lot to say about how more progressive m-learning solutions are making an impact in today’s learning industry.

It is no wonder why Byjus has turned out as a trendsetter in a short span of time and has inspired many educational entrepreneurs to come up with something unique and innovative.