How is ADEC's Irtiqa Framework Ensure Comprehensive Educational Assessment


Abu Dhabi Education Council never hesitates to make necessary reformations to promote world-class quality in education. Irtiqa is the latest initiative of ADEC.

This time ADEC aims at ensuring highest international performance standards with Irtiqa. All students all schools deserve the best when it’s about education. The “Irtiqa’a” program is introduced across schools of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi for the same.

What is Irtiqa?

“Guaranteed Quality in Education”

ADEC intends to provide world-class comprehensive educational assessment framework to schools through Irtiqa. It will support schools to achieve the goal by creating a competitive environment, increasing awareness among educators about the importance of quality performance, providing inspection tools and established standards. The programme examines school performance to identify their quality level.

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About Irtiqua

“Mission is Perfection in Education”

Comprehensive evaluation of schools helps to identify the shortcomings of the institution. The vision of the new programme is to pave way for improvement till perfection is achieved in education.

Irtiqua is a smart step of ADEC. Promoting quality and excellence in education by introducing strategic goals is what Irtiqua does. Continues improvement with the co-operation and partnership of teaching staff and management can bring positive change in any school.

Objectives of Irtiqua

  • Analyse the performance level of the schools within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
  • Provide recommendations for improvement
  • Policy-making
  • Encouraging and sharing the best practices in education

How does Irtiqa work?

“Change is vital, improvement the logical form of change.”

James Cash Penney

Team of international experts inspects majority of schools once every two years. They evaluate eight areas or ‘Performance Standards’ during inspection:

  • Standard of the school and its progress
  • Personal development of the school
  • Teaching quality
  • Meeting students through appropriate curriculum
  • Providing support, care, guidance and protection for the students
  • School Premises and building quality
  • Leadership and management in the schools

The target is crystal clear, overall school improvement. The inspection team generates two reports on the light of inspection.

All about the reports

Two reports are generated by the inspectors:

  1. A Summary Report: It is a concise document describing the most significant strengths and weaknesses of the school. Summary report also includes what the school needs to do for further improvement.
  2. A Technical Report: The detailed assessment and grades for each Performance Standard is furnished on the technical report.

The ultimate focus is on education standard, from better to best then to outstanding. The invaluable guidance is a treasure for schools.

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How does inspection influence school standards?

For educators: Inspection is a motivation for principals and teaching staffs of any school to raise their standards and deliver progress towards excellence. It helps them to undertake a professional approach to the whole concept of education. The inspection makes it clear that the teaching methods used are in line with the best practices.

 For Students: Students well-being is the ultimate cornerstone of inspections. The change will eventually boost up their confidence.  Giving a scope for their talents to flourish is really important.

For parents: Parents can remain calm about the quality of education their children receives.  Inspection guarantees that the time children spend on school is happy, productive and safe.

*Inspections for efficiency

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