Healthy Drinks for Kids

Kids indulge in a lot of activities during a day. Their body loses water faster, which increases the requirement of keeping them hydrated. Drinking enough water is important, but kids don’t seem to feel attracted to drinking enough water. This is why parents look for different ways to provide various nutrition through healthy drinks. For all the parents, this article presents  10 Healthy Drinks for Kids besides water to help your kid stay hydrated and gain other nutritional benefits.

1. Mango Shake

Healthy Drinks for Kids

Mango is liked by almost every kid. You can make jam and mango jelly, but the easiest way is to prepare mango shake with milk. You can choose the ratio of mango and milk as per your child’s preference.

Just make sure you use ripe and sweet mangoes, not the tangy ones. The process is simple, you can cut small cubes of mangoes and put them in your blender along with milk, ice cubes and sugar. Blend and serve with ice cream.

You can also make a Mango Smoothie using mango and yoghurt.

2. Buttermilk

Healthy Drinks for Kids

Buttermilk is a form of milk product.

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It is good for the stomach in summers and kids like it.

Preparing buttermilk is easy and takes no effort. You can also purchase good quality buttermilk from a store.

It contains good kind of bacteria, which improves digestion and saves from stomach related problems.

You can call it a natural probiotic. Adding this drink in the diet of your kid will definitely improve his or her health.

3. Fresh Lemonade

Healthy Drinks for Kids

Lemonade is widely popular among kids all over the world. And it is also a great way to make water tasty for kids.

People make the sweet as well as the tangy version of lemonade. The lemon brings the tangy flavour, while ingredients such as sugar and salt decide the sweetness and sourness of the drink.

The drink is served cold with ice cubes. It is important to remove seeds from the lemon juice before adding it in the water-sugar mixture. Otherwise, the kids might feel irritated.

4. Juice of Fresh Fruits

Healthy Drinks for Kids

In every season, you can find great fruits and include their juices in the diet of your kids.

A full glass of fruit juice provides nutritious value and a refreshing feeling. But make sure that your kid has no allergies and pick the right fruits.

Also, avoid packaged fruits as they may contain added flavours. The freshness is important to obtain vitamins, fibre and other valuable nutrients.

If your kid is suffering from any stomach infection, avoid fruit juices for the time being.

5. Banana Shake

Healthy Drinks for Kids

If there is any fruit available all the time, it is banana.

It is also the most common one introduced to kids at an early age. This is due to the ease of eating and swallowing banana in its mashed form.

Banana contains a lot of potassium and provides natural sweetness to drinks. You can cut small pieces of banana and include sugar and milk to prepare the shake in your blender.

If you want, it is also possible to mix mango and banana together to get a mix of sweet and a bit tangy flavour.

6. Almond Milk

Healthy Drinks for Kids

Almonds contain magnesium, vitamin E, folate, calcium and plenty of other nutrients.

These elements provide assistance in the healthy development of kids’ body and mind.

Almonds also give a great number of proteins. You can find powdered almonds to create almond milkshakes in order to make almond consumption tasty.

Mixed with milk and sugar, almonds become a pleasure for taste buds.

7. Yoghurt Shake or Lassi

Healthy Drinks for Kids

This milk product is popular in India in both sour and sweet forms. Lassi or yoghurt shake is prepared by blending yoghurt with ice cubes and sugar.

It becomes a source of good bacteria along with vitamins and various other nutrients.

Many kids don’t like drinking milk. For them, Lassi becomes an alternative to receive all the same nutrients.

If desired, you can also include fresh fruits to enhance the taste and excitement of your yoghurt shake.

8. Coconut Water

If you are specifically looking for an alternative to water, coconut water is the perfect healthy drinks for your kids.

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Coconut water contains a high content of electrolytes, potassium, chlorides and magnesium.

It also delivers a decent amount of sodium, sugar and protein. The water level and minerals increase immunity in a kid’s body.

You can find fresh options for coconut water in the market. If possible, get the fresh coconut water instead of the packaged one.

9. Vegetable and Fruit Drinks


Convincing your kid to eat veggies is probably the most difficult task you do as a parent. But vegetables are an important source of vitamins, fibers, and nutrients.

So, your kid needs veggies to stay away from diseases.

You can increase kids’ excitement about veggies by mixing it with favorite fruits and making a drink.

Orange-carrot, strawberry-spinach, Kale-orange and other combinations provide healthy and tasty drinks for your kids.

This way, you can ensure that your kid receives all the valuable nutrients on a daily basis.

10. Ginger Tea


Ginger tea is helpful in refreshing the internal system and protecting from common cold and flu.

You will need a small ginger piece and mix it with warm water. Add lime juice and honey to make it sweet and tangy at the same time.

This tea can be served warm in winter. But you can also make it a cold tea by refrigerating and serving with ice cubes.

Regular ginger tea consumption saves the liver and protects from digestive problems.

The respiratory system works properly and the problem of cough gets a relief.


Your kid definitely needs proper hydration to feel active and happy.

And when you include nutritional values with hydration, it promotes digestive health, physical growth, and mental sharpness.

So, include all the healthy drinks given in this article to improve your kid’s health.

Hopefully, this list of healthy drinks for kids has resolved your concerns regarding your kid’s lack of hydration. You have tasty and healthy solutions now!

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