virtual with Edsys Video conferencing feature

Empower your Online Teaching with Video Conferencing!!!

We are really proud to present our new feature- Video conferencing for the teachers and students.

The administrator of the school will create a time-table and the teachers can plan the class accordingly.

A teacher can have a lecture with 70 students at a time, provided if everyone has high-speed internet facility, using this feature.  There are many options for a teacher to manage her students like:

  • The teacher can create a password for the session so that the students with that password can join the session
  • At the time of video chat, if she feels some kind of noise or disturbance from a particular student, she can mute or reduce his/her audio and continue the class (if the teacher mutes a student, she won’t be able to hear the voice from that side, but the student can listen to what the teacher says.
  • The teacher can set the internet video quality from lower to HD
  • He/she can make use of external devices like extra cameras or a whiteboard to make the class more interesting and effective. Besides this, he/she can also share her desktop to show them PPT, image, PDF files, audios or videos.

  • If the teacher doesn’t want a congested video classroom, but many students want the class, then the video class can be live-streamed on youtube so that everyone can listen to the class. There is an extra option to record the complete video and store it in dropbox.
  • A teacher also has the chat option, through which he/she can text a particular student or she can share public messages to the entire class

Besides the functions of a teacher, students and parents also have roles in this special feature.

  • Students can clear real-time doubts. Even if the audio is muted, the student can ask doubts without interrupting the class by using the ‘raise hand’ option, with which the teacher will get notification of that student.
  • Students do not have direct login access, they have to use the ‘edsys parent app’ to join the video conference using a mobile app or web app.
  • There are provisions in this feature, where the parents can know about the student attendance (partial or full attendance will be marked), using virtual attendance on their mobile or web app.