The pace of the world is changing day by day and so are the technological advancements.

Our team Edsys, has come up with a new advancement in the field of technology, aiming to resolve the monetary transactional problems of a student in school.

  • This can be used for paying library dues, canteen bills etc.
  • The concept of “Cashless School” is secured, systematic, and economical and serves all the purposes of a school smart card.
  • In this, we provide smart customized RFID cards with unique information and photograph of the cardholder.
  • It can be used in maintaining school bus attendance, in cafeterias, paying school fee, maintaining BMI data, in Libraries and for maintaining classroom attendance.

  • These smart cards can be linked to the school server holding information to each student and is available with active and passive RFID with 70mm reading distance.

By introducing smart cards in schools, student management for cash related issues becomes easy, cost-effective, saves a lot of paperwork and is manageable, and user friendly.