Bid adieu to spreadsheets and tedious processes to create and maintain EYFS profiles. In a similar vein to the ParentApp, we bring you a simple, flexible and precise management system to record the spontaneous moments and other activities of pre-kg students in a very easy way.

This amazing management system consists of a desktop application and a mobile application. The teacher can snap pictures or shoot videos of children with their mobile camera as and when the situation arises. These pictures can then be saved to the gallery or to the profile of a particular child/group of children. While saving each picture, the teacher gets to give grades, add comments and also share the picture through chat, Bluetooth etc.


Images, videos – capture timely Images and videos and tag them for various activities and sub-activities according to the EYFS curriculum. While saving the captured images, comments and grades can be added. On a similar vein, videos can also be graded.

Student Profiles – New profiles can be added to the database with images and other details such as classes, divisions etc. Activities and sub activities can be added according to the EYFS curriculum.

Smart Search – We have a comprehensive search in both the mobile application as well as the desktop application. It works like a charm with different criteria such as dates and activities.

Easy-to-generate Reports – Create reports on a monthly as well as yearly basis. They will be generated as PDF files.

Colourful Postcards – It is easy to send postcards from the phone itself as the app will arrange images from various activities together and create post cards, also with profile picture. Once the post card is created, it can be sent through email to the respective parents.

Simple Sharing – Share videos Reports and images through mail, YouTube, Bluetooth, etc.

Database Syncing – Every profile, activity or other changes added by a person will be added to the server database. This information will be synced with the other devices connected to the server. This will help organize data easier.

These features are sure to simplify management of the EYFS system. If you already use the RIMS, then this system becomes an automatic choice, as it becomes easy to sync the existing database.

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