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Organizing a party for your kid is a fun activity for You. But you have to make sure that kids feel entertained and enjoy your party.


Actually, that’s the whole point of a kids’ party, isn’t it?!

Going beyond the cake and food, you can include elements to make kids’ party entertaining. To do so, this article has some entertainment ideas.

So, check them out!

1. Face Painting and Costume Services

Theme parties are great to create a new world for kids where they can become their favorite characters and play.


You don’t have to take too much stress. There are reliable face painting and costume services to help you organize theme parties.

Dressing up as cartoon characters, prince and princesses, and other fun activities will surely impress kids at your party.

These activities work with safari themes, superhero themes and other kinds of theme parties.

Kids always remember and look forward to such parties.

2. Get a Photo Booth


A memory of enjoying with friends is precious for kids and adults both.

Most parties for kids involve children and their parents. So, you can make your party memorable by renting out a beautiful photo booth for your guests.

To make it more entertaining, you can get some props such as colorful wigs, large eye-glasses, and others to make pictures more interesting and memorable for kids and their parents.

3. Puppeteers and Magicians

A puppet show telling a funny story will surely engage all the kids at a party.

Hiring puppeteers will also allow some calm time for kids without feeling bored.

Hence, they can re-energize themselves for more activities.

Another great way to entertain kids would be hiring magicians. Cool tricks appropriate for kids can make every guest at your party amazed.

Kids love magic tricks and so this would be a sure shot to entertain kids at your party.

Make sure you hire puppeteers and magicians who specialize in performing for kids.

This will keep the stories and magic tricks appropriate for kids.

4. Music and Dance


Music brings a spark to any party. But here you need to focus on kids-oriented music.

Hire a DJ who specializes in playing for the kids. Disney theme songs and other music choices for kids will bring every guest to the dance floor.

Dancing together will help kids make new friends and socialize.

You can also have a karaoke set up to offer a fun place where kids can sing selected songs.

5. Tossing the Balls

A few light ping pong balls along with some plastic cups. That’s what you need to make a fun party game for kids.

The game involves placing cups in a row and giving plastic balls to kids. They all try to put their balls in cups from a distance. The first kid succeeding in this wins the round.

This game is simple to arrange and easy to manage. So, it won’t be stressing you out during a party. Plus, the kids at your party will enjoy playing it.

6. Play a Guessing Game

A guessing game brings a mystery to a simple game making it entertaining for kids.

You simply need some paper bags and small-sized objects that can easily go in those bags. You can use small toys, pencils, fruits, and other items.

The objects are packed in the bags. The kids can look at the bag and guess the name of the object. You can set certain prices for every correct guess.

7. Call Animal Trainers

Expert animal trainers bring beautiful birds, reptiles and other animals. These shows are easy to organize if you have a large backyard at your place.

Arrange proper seating arrangement for kids. Consult with the animal trainer in advance to understand what he/she requires from you.

Certified trainers help in arranging a safe environment.

Having a portable zoo at your place will amaze the kids attending the party.

At the same time, they will get a chance to learn more about birds, reptiles and other animals.

8. Take Your Party Outside

If you really want to make the party interesting, why not choose an entertaining venue!

Adventure parks, local zoos, bowling alleys, and other entertainment centers in your city are perfect to organize a kids’ party.

All the entertainment factors are already available at those places. So, you can go there and offers every kid something interesting to enjoy.

This also reduces the stress of organizing a party. You can consult with other parents and simply manage kids.

9. Have a Balloon Modeler


Balloon modeler services are easy to find these days. The artists work with balloons and turn them into beautiful hats, toy guns, animal characters, and even cartoon characters.

Every kid can make his or her own wish and get favorite balloon models to take back home after the party.

10. Pamper Services


If you are organizing a party especially for girls, you can focus on offering pampering services.

Mini sessions of pedicures, manicures, nail art, and other pampering services at a party would make girls really happy.

You can hire services that offer kid-friendly pamper services. Then, the party is on for your little girl and her friends.

11. Cup Bowling


If you can’t take kids to a bowling alley, design an indoor bowling alley during a party.

Use disposable paper cups and tennis balls to organize small bowling tournaments for kids at the party.

Throwing balls and knocking cups, this is definitely an idea of an entertaining day for kids. You can keep the score and include small prizes to make the game more exciting for kids.

So, that’s a wrap on entertainment ideas for your kids’ party. But you can allow your creative juices to flow and create new ideas as well.

There are various ideas such as scavenger hunt and others, which you can twist and modify as per the theme of your party.

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Hopefully, this article has given you enough ideas to organize your kid’s party with entertaining elements.

You can start by making a list of everything required moving forward!

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