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It is the endeavor of teachers to prepare their wards in such a way that they can face the challenges that life throws at them at all times. Given the omnipresence of technology, gadgets will come as accessible instruments to favor technology-centric teaching methods. Along with this, the time is ripe to focus on personalized learning so that every student learns at his own pace to transform into a knowledgeable and responsible citizen. All such developments are lined up for the teacher-student fraternities as part of promising educational trends in 2018.

Here is the rundown of all such educational trends that will make their strong presence felt in 2018.

  1. Career-Centric Programs

It is now time for school leaders and teachers to make the most of opportunities that help them take on the role of trained leaders and mentors. They will now be able to impact the lives of other students in more ways than you can imagine. These groups of individuals will involve themselves in induction programs by extending support and mentoring students as part of building up their careers. Such programs will not only benefit students to develop management skills but will also lead to the retention of new teachers.

This can be seen as a promising career-support initiative that will weave magic in the lives of both students and teachers alike. Such opportunities are waiting to be unleashed by teachers who will carve a niche for themselves so as to tread the path of professional development.

  1. The Impressive Presence of Technology

Teachers and students will be in a favorable position to leverage the benefits of technology in education. Young children are already tapping the potential of Flipgrid; a platform which promotes social learning. This is a community learning interface which allows students to share knowledge through online discussions about various topics.

It is through short videos that students share their responses by participating in various learning dialogues. Tagged as a simple yet powerful means, it is through Flipgrid that teachers can encourage student engagement. All those young learners who lack writing abilities now have a platform to express themselves through this creative learning platform.

  1. The Prominence of Screen Capture Videos

Another impressive use of technology to learning and teaching comes in the form of screen capture videos. These are identified as the next big thing that will enable teachers to assess the assignments of students, permitting them to share personalized feedback.

Through a screen capture video, educators in 2018 can record a lecture, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of students by displaying their assignments online. Students get to learn their innate positives and areas of improvement through this form of online feedback. This trend of receiving feedback via a laptop screen is poised to continue in 2018 as a promising means to modern teaching and learning mechanisms.

  1. Drift Away From the One-Size-Fits-All Educational Approach

The concept of personalized learning has caught up in such a way that it is spreading its wings into all the spheres of education. When you blend this concept with technology, you will begin to unleash the benefits of a novel teaching approach that argues against the prominence of one-size-fits-all. Since a class is made up of students with different IQ levels who demonstrate different means of expression, personalized learning supported by technology will be the continuing trend in 2018 as well.

Teachers will be employing the next gen online tools that deliver the benefits of personalized learning. They will encourage students to communicate, collaborate and work in tandem with each other.

  1. Teachers Will Partake in Residency Preparation Programs

The year 2018 will see the teaching faculty enroll themselves with residency-based preparation programs. These residencies are primarily meant to lend a helping hand to areas which demand greater student-teacher participation, especially with subjects like science, math ad special education. These are the subjects which register a huge teacher turnover in prominent city school districts.

Through such residency preparation programs, teachers will be encouraged to not only benefit from graduate educational programs but will also receive stipends. Allowing teachers to transform into experienced teachers, it is through residency preparation programs that the present day teachers can secure their jobs for longer periods.

  1. The Inclusion of Trauma-Informed Practices

Stress is a common factor that runs havoc in the lives of modern individuals. Students too are not spared from the harmful effects of unnecessary tension. Hence it is the need of the hour for teachers and educators to rely on professionals so as to counter the effects of traumatic events witnessed by students in their past.

A study suggests that 25% of students under the age of 16 have already become the victims of trauma. Kids who have experienced turbulent childhoods call for immediate action. Teachers and school administrators should pay extra attention to stressed out students. The latest trend in this regard will be the active involvement of school authorities with stressed out students. Supporting them to face life with renewed vigor and confidence will become the ultimate goal of educationalists; an attempt to nip off the after effects of stress in students in the bud itself.

  1. Shortage of Teachers

The previous trend with regard to teacher shortage is predicted to continue in 2018 as well. There will be a dip in the number of teachers who specialize in science, math and special education. With such a situation, schools which are meant to educate low-income students, color students and those who are eager to learn the English language would need a stronger force of trained teachers.

When the society begins to register a growing number of school-going kids without the assistance of educated staff, underdevelopment is all that you can expect. This is a trend that should be addressed on a war footing for a holistic change to manifest.

  1. SEL Efforts Will Attract The Limelight

Another educational trend that you can expect in 2018 concerns the efforts towards Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) in assessing the progress of a school. With a determination to build the self-esteem of students, schools will start encouraging kids to face the life ahead by introducing them to modeling teamwork. Equipping students with the social and emotional strength to resolve conflicts with peers, schools will work hard in demonstrating empathy.

It is through such well-informed moves that schools will turn into stress busters for students so that they can effectively beat the reasons causing anxiety and stress in them. Teamed as a generation which promotes a positive school culture, it is the right time for schools to offer a safe, healthy and understanding environment for students.

  1. The Promise Behind A Healthy School Culture

You can expect a number of advancements with regard to the culture of schools throughout 2018. Now is the time when a lot of attention will be given to a positive school culture which promises a healthy, scholastic well-being. Healthy school philosophies are a function of expectations, beliefs and attitudes which will be periodically expressed by the internal and external participants.

To promote a healthy school culture, it is very important to inculcate strong leadership traits amongst both teachers and students. Bringing in the importance of a group effort, it is through constructive feedback that you can take the first step towards building a strong internal and external school environment. This positive trend is expected to continue into the next year as well.

  1. School PR Strategies To Get A Fillip

Given the fact that schools are the strong pillars of every community, the year 2018 is expected to offer a host of opportunities for leaders to accept complete responsibility. When leaders start extending efforts in the direction of building a strong school brand in every community, you will be attracting the attention of stakeholders including parents, teachers and students. It is here that a strong public relations (PR) strategy should be built, giving utmost importance to transparency and study material.

Addressing the needs of these stakeholders is to reach out to them in the best possible manner. Along with smart devices, a host of PR tips like the use of conventional and social media will take on center stage. There is every chance for you to witness public schools operating via a PR and Communication professional; a liaison between the school and the stakeholders. All in an attempt to offer the best means of open communication between the various parties, it is through such tips that the right message about a school reaches the ears of active listeners.

Closing Thoughts

All set to drive a lasting and positive change in the various spheres of education, the above discussed trends will make their strong presence felt in 2018. It is hence recommended that you stay tuned to all these occasions that will slowly yet steadily unveil themselves by the end of 2018.

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