CBSE ICSE and State Boards

The CBSE, ICSE and State boards are the most reputed boards where your kids can lay a foundation for their future.

However, each of these boards differs in their syllabuses and the way they train the students during the course.

Of course, it can have a lasting impact on the way they perceive education and apply it in real life.

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In fact, each board have its own unique way of teaching and assessing a student with strong objectives.

Here we can have a look into a rough comparison on CBSE ICSE and State Boards  

CBSE- Central Board of Secondary Education

  • Apart from the usual textbook studies, CBSE syllabus gives a lot of weight to project works, assignments, and sports. And the way they train students to make them very efficient in easily cracking entrance exams.
  • In case of scoring in exams, CBSE students will have to refer some more books other than the regular textbooks. This is because the questions may not be always from the actual textbook syllabus but it will be designed to test your application level and logical reasoning.
  • For CBSE schools, the syllabus will be the same throughout the country. So moving to any CBSE schools in the country in the midway of your studies is pretty easy.
  • For CBSE, they have approved both English and Hindi languages to cover a broader range of students.
  • National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) set the curriculum for CBSE.
  • The students are trained to have better social awareness throughout their curriculum and the top entrance tests like JEE and NEET prepare questions based on the CBSE syllabus.
  • In the case of course content, the prime focus is for science and math and more weight is given for the application of knowledge which helps students to crack entrance exams.
  • Unlike ICSE, the CBSE allows both regular students studying under the board as well as private students to write their exams to qualify for higher studies.
  • In the long run, CBSE students would make great professionals as the board molds them to be extremely intelligent with well-rounded personalities.


ICSE- Indian Certificate of Secondary Education

  • Unlike other boards, the student has to put in a lot of effort to build a foundation as ICSE has a lengthy syllabus. But once they build a strong foundation, a student can tackle any subjects with ease and easily look forward to advanced studies in any subjects.
  • In the case of exams, scoring good marks in all subjects can be quite challenging for at least some of the students. This is because the syllabus is vast and the questions can come from any corner of the subject.
  • For the medium of instruction, ICSE follows English as the basic language and it does not support Hindi.
  • In the case of course content, the focus is almost balanced for a range of areas such as language, arts, and science. The analytical skills and practical knowledge is given more importance and the vast range of topics included are meant to explore their overall growth.
  • Unlike CBSE, the ICSE board is not recognized by the Indian government. However, it is globally accepted just like CBSE and the certificate is qualified enough to get desired higher education globally.
  • The curriculum of ICSE will be more of like some foreign universities and student can easily catch up with the syllabus if they prefer to have their advanced studies outside the country.
  • In the long run, ICSE students can perform par excellence in their professional life as they are trained well to have excellent problem-solving abilities and good logical skills.

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State Board

  • When compared to other syllabuses, a state syllabus will be more of a generic kind and very easy for a student to follow despite his aptitude. But when it comes to cracking entrance exams, these students will have to put in some extra effort in specific subjects.
  • Scoring good marks in state syllabus can be really easy as the questions are framed by just referring what is in the syllabus. A student who has completed all the areas in the syllabus can simply score well.
  • For state boards, the syllabus is designed by the Department of Education of the particular government of the state and it may vary with different states. So moving to a school in another state in the midway of your studies can be quite challenging. However, parents who are working under state government can find this as the best option.
  • In state syllabus, they give more weightage to their regional language apart from English which is optional. Students can learn the syllabus in their local language which is a good option for those students who find it difficult to follow English.
  • It has a moderately loaded curriculum and this helps students and teachers to cover up the lessons in lesser time. This gives them enough free time to take part in extracurricular activities and sports.
  • Unlike CBSE and ICSE students, those who are trained under state board might require assistance coaching when it comes to cracking entrance exams and other competitive tests.
  • The practical implication of related subjects is given more importance in State syllabus whereas CBSE board gives more focus to the scientific methods of different subject areas.
  • In normal cases, students can study at comparatively lesser fees in the schools providing State syllabus which gives options for even the lower-middle-class families to get an education. There are government schools providing State syllabus where students can get the education for very fewer fees or free.
  • The students who have passed out from state board might have obtained good scores but the competency may be below par when compared to ICSE and CBSE boards. For this reason, they may find it difficult to handle the first year of their college or advanced studies as the standard goes up suddenly.
  • In the long run, State syllabus students do amazingly well in their professional phase too. Despite the boards, the work ethics and their ability to handle situations matter more.



Hope you got a rough idea about what can be expected when your child chooses any of these education boards for their studies.

However, studying under a certain board is not just enough for your kids to excel in their study phase.

Despite the chosen board, the way he manages time and the dedication he puts towards studies really matters when it comes to end results.

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Education is not always about learning what is in the syllabus but it is about how a student perceives it and how he can use it for the betterment of his family and society.