college eating hacks that are cheap, healthy and Tasty

Well, high school is now all done and you are stepping into college life or maybe you are already in it for a year or two but still have no idea of how to manage your budget while eating healthy yet tasty food and obviously, look cool with your choices.


Don’t be frustrated if you are constantly failing to manage the ‘food thing’ because, honestly, it indeed is a real struggle. Add to it the fact that you are probably living in a hostel and you just can’t force down your throat that ridiculous food.

However, as for everything, there are certain solutions or hacks as we like to call it (sounds cool, right?) to this problem which surely can solve the problem for you to a certain extent.

1. Hoard on those Eggs – Eggs are nutritious as hell. Couple it with the fact that you can eat the boiled ones in multiple ways, in different combinations make it the go-to food for all times.

Hoard on the eggs offered in breakfast and couple them with veggies, cheese, bread etc. to make up for the unpalatable lunch and dinner as well.

2. Get a Cheap Induction CookTop – This is a perfect investment especially if you are going to be at a hostel for 3-4 years. Get your roomies to contribute and you can easily get one for 10 $ each.

Most induction cooktops would come with a couple of compatible utensils that usually should be enough and you can get some more for as low as 5$. You are now ready to cook a variety of stuff for yourself.

3. Electric Water Kettle – This is another cool gadget to have which can handle the coffee and tea requirements easily. Be it late night studies or just a random get together; just pour in some water and appropriate ingredients and let the kettle do its thing.

You can also just boil water for your ready to make noodles and you won’t have to look for makeshift arrangements everytime. To make it better, all it takes is just 15$.

4. Make shakes with a Hand Blender – Get that unused hand blender at your home to your hostel. Milkshakes are healthy, especially the fruit milkshakes like banana and mango milkshakes.

Chocolate or Oreo milkshakes are also great if consumed occasionally. Shakes are cool, tasty and nutritious at the same time.

5. Befriend Easy and Healthy Sandwich – Make sandwiches at your place if you got the induction or get inexpensive electric sandwich maker.

Fill in those loaves of bread with some cheese and healthy vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, capsicum, and potatoes. This can sort your hunger requirements at any time of the day while being healthy.

6. Entrust delicious soup for Health – Imagine a hot tomato soup with some veggies on a cold evening to supplement for your evening supper.

No, soups are no more complicated. Soups are easily available in powder form at multiple stores and all you have to do is add boiled water to it and mix well.

7. Get friendly with the Chefs and the Staff – It would be a good idea to get a little chatty with these people and acknowledge their efforts.

A friendship with these people can help you save food when you reach late at dining place or help you get that extra piece of delicious sweet and what not.

8. Reach the dining place early – The late you get at the dining place the more are the chances that you will only end up with gravy and less of the actual food.

You definitely know that if you have to land that leg piece, you have to reach early.

9. Prefer fruit juices instead of carbonated drinks at college Canteen – As a matter of fact, fruit juices are more nutritious and fulfilling than carbonated drinks.

Fruit juice still is a cool thing to have with your friends and still get those important nutrients in your body.

10. Get on the Trend with Detox days – Have a couple of detox days and if possible then more in a month. Consume only fruits and salad and liquid food.

This practice not only cleanses your body but also saves you money on those days, makes you sound more intellectual in front of your friends (winks) and also helps you lose weight. Don’t forget to coincide your detox days with days you get more fruits and salad at the hostel.

11. If you are a day scholar, don’t hesitate in carrying tiffin – Regularly eating the junk food at the canteen not only is unhealthy but also hurts your wallet hugely.

Save your money for outings, parties, and trips with friends and take that home-cooked meal to college. It will also make your popular amongst hostellers.

12. Skip ice creams and just freeze the mixed fruit cups – Get those fruits from the dining hall. Make up a mixed fruit cup and leave them for freezing with the dining room staff. Pick that up in the night and have a healthy dessert.

13. Forget Meat and find Love in Veggies – Will certainly save you money and is eco-friendly as well.

14. Go that extra mile to a supermarket and avail heavy discounts – Don’t be lazy and shop for your snacks from supermarkets offering heavy discounts.


15. Sweet potatoes are an unexplored gem – Master some sweet potato snacks and eat them whenever you like.

16. Learn to make some of your favourite snacks at home – Homemade snacks will always be lower on sodium and oil.

17. Carry some condiments form dining hall to your room – Add these to your late night snacks that you make at your room and spice up your life (pun intended).

18. Accumulate additional ketchup pouches – Don’t refuse that complimentary ketchup pouch just because you don’t consume a particular snack with ketchup. Take it home and use it later when you need one.

19. Freeze only half filled water bottle – Later add normal water to get cold water instantly.

20. Buy foods at canteen which are relatively cheaper – Again, saves money for different things.

So, does that make you feel more assured and comfortable for your upcoming college life? If not, just take it on and maybe invent some of your own hacks.

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