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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”! So true to this adage, it is very important for kids to break their monotony so as to recharge their minds. Be it in school or while at home, the onus is on the guardians to involve them in activities so that kids can experience an agile mind. It is all about engaging kids with activities that are creative and informative at the same time. Basically aimed at involving them in fun-filled activities that they enjoy, below are some interesting activities that can work in the best interest of kids.

  1. Play with Colors and Drawing Aids

Kids are innately attracted to the beautiful world of colors. Parents and teachers can introduce them to the world of hues by prompting them to churn out an art book which includes designs and pictures drawn with the little fingers and a highly-imaginative mind of kids. Allow them to play with drawing paper, pencils, stencils, oil pastels and rulers to create a beautiful piece of art mirroring their artistic skills and interests. Such a colorful activity can refresh their minds alongside developing their hand and eye coordination.

  1. Unveil The Culinary Skills of Your Kid

If your child loves to churn out delicious recipes, why not provide a homely platform allowing him or her to live their dream? You as a parent can encourage your child to learn the art of preparing and garnishing food by following step-by-step procedures that are enlisted on various cookery sites, specially meant for kids. Who knows your child will turn out to be a famous chef, satiating the hunger pangs of food lovers across the globe? All for the sake of promoting the culinary interests of your kid, you as guardians should go the extra mile in providing him with resources so that he can fine-tune his innate interest to play with recipes.

  1. It’s Story Time And You Can Encourage Your Kid to Turn the Leaves of Interesting Story Books

Another proven means to refresh the minds of kids is to read stories from fairy tale books. Post the narration, you can engage in a discussion with your kid prompting him to pick his favorite story. Using this story as the backdrop, you can rekindle his theatrical skills by enacting a scene through role play.

  1. A Field Trip To Collect Rocks

Teachers and parents can plan out field trips with kids to help them experience the thrill of collecting various rocks. You can check out the Collecting Rocks website managed by the American Geological Survey. This informative site handholds kids to identify and label minerals and rocks that they have collected as a part of their interesting field trip.

  1. Chalk Out a “Family Activity” Day

Kids love to interact with adults who understand their world. When guardians become a part of the kids’ world, it helps kids to establish a strong bonding with them, ultimately helping kids to feel loved and cared for. Such an attention does wonders to their psyche allowing them to relax their mind.

In an attempt to build friendly ties between you and your child, it is important that you sit with your child and plan out a family activity day. Let your kid be at the helm of affairs of planning this activity, asking him/her to come with suggestions regarding the place, food and the day’s plan. Capture the moments of this wonderful family activity day with a camera and encourage him/her to come with a collage of your family pictures.

  1. Allow Kids To Have a Say In Revamping Their Living Spaces

Giving the much-needed attention to the discretion of kids, you as guardians can assist your kid in decorating his/her room. Allow him/her the freedom of expression to come up with decorating ideas that suit his/her needs. You can go full-on looking up websites which show up a host of ideas that will allow him to live his life the way he wants.

You can check out the various furniture options that are available and stock his room with closets and desks that will help him/her organize himself. This will make him/her more comfortable by creating their rooms in the way they want. It is when kids believe that their opinions are valued by their parents that they enjoy peace of mind that eventually makes them feel special.

  1. Interesting Games Which Demand Attentiveness

Kids who love to play with numbers should surely try playing either a probability game, arranging jig-saw puzzles or a timed flashcard activity. You can browse the internet for a number of puzzles and games that hone the problem-solving abilities of kids. While you make your kid play a math game, you should also record his/her score so that they can check their progress. And upon a victory, you can celebrate  it by giving him/her a special treat that he/she can cherish for life.

  1. Innovative On-The-Job Activities

Allow your kid play with the potter’s wheel, dirty his/her hands with the soft clay and eventually take pride in the creation of beautiful earthen artefacts. This is an activity that sharpens his/her fine motor skills while relaxing their mind. Allowing kids to stretch their imagination, such an activity will prompt them to come up with ideas that manifest in the form of beautiful creations mirroring their intelligent handwork. When all eyes are fixed on molding a sculpture from clay, your kid’s mind is relaxing with the enjoyment of partaking in a fun-filled and constructive activity.

  1. Learning History Made Easy

Given the fact that history is a tough subject to master, you as a parent can play an important role in simplifying this subject to your kids. You can plan a trip to a museum which is an interesting activity to relax your kid’s mind alongside teaching him the nuances of various cultures linked to bygone days. Such a visit to historical sites will also help your kid relate better to the information described in text books. Modern cities have the luxury of interactive museums which will prompt your kids to open their minds towards historical events that are part of the ancient civilization.

  1. Let Your KidEnjoy The Beauty of Nature from the Comfort of His Living Room

If you want your kid to appreciate the beauty of nature as a part of mind-relaxing activity, you can check out the Web Ranger site. This is a national site that has loads of information linked to monuments, historical sites and national parks. Simply sign up with this site for your kid to relax in the lap of nature; the online way. The site shows up a number of online activities that should be completed by him/her to be recognized as the “Web Ranger”. This relaxing and interesting activity can come as a boon to your kid who can enjoy the refreshing environment of natural sceneries.


Monotony is a bane which leads to boredom in both kids and adults. If you want your kid to develop creative skills, you as guardians should go the entire nine yards and ensure that he/she engages in mind-relaxing activities that will rejuvenate his/her thinking capacity.

Encourage him/her to take breaks and participate in all his mind-relaxing activities. Only when the mind of your kid is relaxed, he/she will be able to keep a number of health problems at bay. After you have included some of these interesting activities as part of your kid’s daily routine, you can take pride in bringing up a child in a relaxed and stress-free environment.

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