Education and technology go hand in hand nowadays. There are a lot of software to help out teachers, parents and students. These software make studies easy and interesting while ensuring parental involvement as well as safety. Edsys has introduced Parent Portal, Smart apps for preschoolers, Smartcards for schools, school bus tracking system, RFID Student Tracking system etc. All these makes education lively.

Why has technology become the soul of education? There are many reasons for it. The wonderful achievements of technology reduce human effort and saves time and money.. here are 8 reasons why technology in education is the new trend.

  1. Every place becomes a classroom: With the help of new technologies you don’t have to sit in a classroom to learn. There are online classes where students from around the world participate, sitting at their homes. Study materials are available  online. All  you need is a smart device and an internet connection.
  2. Easy to carry:  Huge text books and heavy logs make education heavy task. Technology makes education portable. Everything can be saved in a tab or PC. Bulk text books, records, registers and assignments can be made portable in a chip.
  3. Saves time and energy: Technology helps teachers in many ways. Teachers can manage evaluations easily. All information can be stored systematically which makes searching easy. Properly entered data about any student can be retrieved when necessary. Teachers can play video in the class rather than explaining things orally. It will be more effective too.
  4. Share knowledge: Sharing knowledge will increase knowledge. With the help technology any knowledge can be shared with anyone in the world. News, articles, blogs, quizzes, puzzles everything can be shared with internet connection. Publishing blogs or magazines becomes possible.
  5. Helps to make parent- teacher communication effective:  Edsys has introduced Parent Portal and EYFS managing software which makes parent- teacher communication more effective. The EYFS managing software helps teachers in observing the child’s development and to  stay updated. It also helps teachers  in making postcards that can be shared with parents. Parent Portal provides communication centre where teachers and parents can interact. .
  6. Safety of the child in and out of the school: With the help of RFID Student Tracking system teachers and parents can understand the whereabouts of the students. Their attendance in class and school bus can be marked with the help of Smart Cards. School buses with GPS tracking System can be traced as well as monitored by the authorities any time.
  7. It makes education stress-free and relaxed: Technology reduce the burden of learning for the students and teaching for teachers. It makes education more interesting. Smart classrooms will enhance creativity.
  8. Technology reduces the cost of materials: We don’t have to pay huge amount for books and classes. With one laptop or tab we can store all the necessary data of each class. Students can depend on their e-device and can save money without buying books, assignment papers and study tools. They can do all their assignments in the e-device and send them to the teachers’. The teacher can evaluate them in her smart device!

Technology has become a part of our life. It has changed education in a way that was unimaginable a couple of decades ago. We can only wonder how it will be in future. But one thing is for sure. Technology in education is here to stay. It’s not just a simple trend.

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