7 Smart Education Softwares that are Important for Students

That time of the year has come when you are all set with your bags packed with new books and notebooks for the upcoming semester. But, its better if you pack your laptop as well because some of the best educational software are just around the corner which will not only impart knowledge but also make the whole process of teaching fun and full of excitement.

So here we have collected a few of the most awesome and smart educational software that can prove helpful in your studies.

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1. One Note

Finding it tough to keep note of all the important stuff in your diary? Switch to this smart educational software. You can now keep a track of your progress as well as organize your work, dividing it into sections and pages with . Thus, you will surely save on a lot of time by working smart.

2. iTunes University

An Apple creation, this software contains almost all the course materials of each stream. Not exactly the same, but you can find stuff similar to your curriculum. It also comes with audio and video courses so that you can virtually attend any lecture of your interest.

3. Fox-it Reader

PDFs are now an important part of study material and we surely need a good software to read them. So here you are with Fox-it Reader where you can not only read, but also highlight all the important points and save them for future Reference. There are several other interesting options which are worth exploring. Although its preferred that you use a premium version, but free versions are also legit, so go ahead and start studying in the innovative way.

4. Cold Turkey

Ever found yourself browsing through unimportant applications and websites instead of paying attention to studies? Cold Turkey is, thus, an essential part of your list of software. It takes care to block those applications and websites which will help you focus better on your curriculum rather than pondering over stuff full of time pass.

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5.  Coursera

This is yet another software which helps you take up courses of interest and then study on your own, of course taking help of the application. All you have to do is sign up and study with all the time and comfort you can. Even if you are a college going student, you can surely invest some of the time here to get beforehand knowledge of the subject you will be learning throughout the day.

6. Quizlet

Who doesn’t loves solving quiz? If you do then do go through this software. It is nothing but a general learning tool. It is filled with various topics which is created by none other than the users themselves. Even you can create similar topics of your own and add images and flashcards as a part of the questions. This app is too interesting to miss.

7. Zotero

One last software which will make things easier for you on the web. All you have to do is install it and make use of citations for app. Other than this, you can install plug ins of the software required and use their citations as and when required.

There is no limit to the software students can you to improve their knowledge and make use of it in the best way possible. Thanks to the latest technologies, the knowledge is not limited to books or lectures anymore. Now you are just a click away from all the knowledge you are interested in.

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