A quality education grants us the ability to fight the war on ignorance and poverty.”-  Charles B Rangel

There are numerous advantages that come with quality education. Like an investment that grows with time, quality education benefits students and the economy. What measures the quality in education – the environment of the school or the syllabus on the text? There are a number of questions to be answered. KHDA is best placed to answer those.

What is KHDA?

KHDA stands for Knowledge and Human Development Authority. The major role of KHDA is to ensure that private schools operate with the required quality standards. The performance of children is in one way or other parallel to the performance of the school. KHDA identifies the strength and weaknesses of each school and helps them to improve by better innovations.

The activities of KHDA is not limited to the inspection of school, instead there are a lot of possibilities that KHDA assures.

Assuring Quality

When it’s about education, quality is far more important than any other aspect. Schools are subjected to regular visits by the KHDA team. School inspection plays a vital role in measuring the education quality.

Check out the 5 reasons that make KHDA vital for quality education

  1. Independent as well as accurate view of the school: Accurate factors regarding a school cannot be obtained from the school website alone. KHDA maintains transparent review about the school based on regular inspections.
  2.  Serves as a means of accountability: Schools are accountable to KHDA. The only way to impress KHDA is to maintain quality education. No private schools can escape from KHDA, the service of schools are at constant observation and evaluation.
  3.  Choose better with KHDA: Parents are often misled while choosing the best education institution for their children. A trusted source is a must for choosing better schools. KHDA is the best source to rely on when it’s about the quality of education. Transparency of information is guaranteed by KHDA.
  4.  Better innovation in education:Not only inspection but also innovation. Better innovation can raise the standard of education. KHDA comes up with new ideas that can be connected to education.
  5.  Enable the best practice at each level: The quality of education is not taken as a whole. Instead each level in education is taken in to consideration. Each level in schools requires different level of practices. KHDA delivers to each student the very best education experience.

The four point scale of KHDA

The KHDA scale consists of four scales. The level is granted to the each school depending on its quality.

  1. Level 4 : Outstanding Quality : The best schools receives Level 4
  2. Level 3:  Good Quality : It is the expected level of quality for every  schools
  3. Level 2: Acceptable : School requires to improve
  4. Level 1: Unsatisfactory: The quality of school is not acceptable. Measures must be taken to raise the standard of the school

KHDA is always ready to innovate and implement new ideas. Quality is placed above any other aspect.

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