More or less, it’s the responsibility of teachers to ensure better progress of students. At a time when innovative syllabuses such as EYFS and quality control institutions such as KHDA and ADEC are present, a teacher’s job can be challenging.

The effort required to maintain all aspects of education smoothly is quite high. Hence, teachers might not be able to carefully monitor assignments completed by their students. Some children would complete their work by copying it from internet or other source with minimal effort.

No need to worry about tracking the copied stuff. There are sites out there that can help you with this.

5 Awesome tools for Teachers to Check Plagiarism

Be sure about your needs before choosing any plagiarism sites. It’s your responsibility as a teacher to ensure that the assignments allotted to them are carried out effectively.


TurnItIn is a popular plagiarism detection product. The software can be used to analyse against a database with billions of web pages, student papers, and academic articles.

Site Facts:

  • The service can be used in both computer and tablet as it is cloud-based
  • Educational institutions can avail purchase plans
  • 15,000 institutions round the globe uses TurnItIn
  • The site shows teachers the percentage of unoriginal content, high lightens the lines in question and  serves the source of the original content

It is reported that some followers encountered the problem of showing false plagiarism. This can be resolved by checking the source of plagiarism samples. TurnItIn can only be used by teachers if the school subscribes.


The usage of PlagiarismChecker.com is free and simple. Hence, it is one among the favourite plagiarism checking sites for teachers. It has been made keeping in mind the needs of teachers.

Site Facts

  • PlagiarismChecker.com is free
  • The site searches phrases rather than whole paper

PlagiarismChecker.com is the best resource to depend if you are looking for a simple reliable plagiarism detector for free. This one will miss plagiarism if children are cribbing their work from resources not freely available online.

  1. Plagtracker

Plagtracker is an effective online plagiarism detection service. The site scans content from more than 20 million academic works. After the scan teachers can obtain a detailed report about the work.

Site Facts:

There are some special features especially for teachers in the site:

  • Student Management and Tracking System
  • Custom Filter Setup
  • Grading System
  • Live Document View
  • Bibliography Check
  • Document Cross-Check

Plagtracker is an effective helping hand for teachers.


PlagScan allows teachers to copy paste or upload assignments of students. The web-based plagiarism detector will scan the content.

Site Facts

  • PlagScan offers the best security for the documents uploaded
  • The submitted document is compared with a database consisting of billions of other documents
  • The site allots information about the original source
  • The search index is regularly updated

PlagScan works on monthly subscription model. Institutions can buy accordingly.

5.The Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker was developed by a college student and he forgot about the site, then he realised that the site was getting attention among users. The site functions with simple copy-paste method.

Site Facts

  • The site is free
  • Plagiarism Checker allows the user to check long posts
  • Premium users can upload files  along with copy-paste option

The site is free and simple, long tests can be checked without error. 

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