4 Innovative Teaching Methods to "WOW" Your Students

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery” – Mark Van Doren

The transformation from traditional teaching methods such as blackboard, textbooks, etc to computer-aided presentations has been innovative. Such Innovative teaching methods have improved the learning process and strengthened governance.

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With the rapid rise in digital technology, there are further advanced teaching techniques available. And so, it is time to change the traditional method of teaching that has ruled classrooms for many decades. New methods are designed to improve the quality of education along with student’s involvement in the educational process.

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Technology plays a key role in effective teaching

Skilled teachers

  •  used to implement new and easy methods before they appeal to mainstream educators
  •  integrate new teaching strategies and methods into a classroo
  •  use much advanced technology to enhance or expand upon the student experience

One of the basic motives behind advanced teaching is to motivate students to actively take part in the learning process. When the level of interaction with teachers and peers increase, students gain knowledge that is practical and also, retain more information effectively from a class.

Impress Your Students With These 4 Most Innovative Teaching Methods

1. Use Educational Videos

It has been found that the use of educational videos during class has improved the engagement levels of students and thus has created a greatly enhanced learning experience. Relevant videos keep students more alert, motivated and focused on the specific topic in hand. Visual content can enhance memory knowledge and students’ ability to retain new information. This facilitates active learning. Several studies have linked the use of video during lectures with attendance, participation and retention of knowledge and information.

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2. Improved Classroom Technology

Classroom technologies that are available today range from computers, to tablets, digital cameras, video conferencing facility and GPS devices to enhance a student’s learning experience. More advanced technology may include using video games to teach math and foreign languages, Skype to communicate with other classrooms or guest speakers from anywhere around the world, or even multimedia.

However, while using these devices, make the students aware that the use of these tech tools in class is a privilege and if misused, it can be discontinued. Also during class, you should move around the classroom or use monitoring software to ensure that the students are using their devices in a useful manner. Be sure that they are focusing on their assignment.

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3. Interactive Learning

Let them collaborate. The greater the student interaction is encouraged; the faster the boundaries of authority will be broken. You can provide a short overview of the day’s topic and give students a challenge to meet by the end of the class. The task may include answering a question or solving a problem. Let you students break into small groups to do research online, chart out ideas and discuss ways to meet the challenge. You can reviews their work uploaded on a Blackboard site. By the end of class, let each group share what they’ve learned with their peers.

4. Spaced Learning Works

Amazing results were reported when it came to spaced learning. This is a unique learning method, where highly concentrated summary of lessons or content is repeated thrice by students. There are 2 ten minute breaks in between. During these breaks, distractor activities which might include physical or other entertaining activities are performed by the students. This way of teaching encourages students to quickly switch through activities, just like ten minutes of knowledge on the English literature with a PowerPoint presentation and then having 15 minutes of football. This may lead to get better grades. It is said that the method is more effective than traditional teaching.​

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By incorporating digital media elements into the study materials and project, the students can learn better.(Is Smart Education the Future?) It also makes them more motivated in paying more thoughtfulness to the information presented and retain the information better.

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