18-06-2018_13 Best Accounting Software for Small Private Schools

You will agree with the fact that every organization looks to effectively manage its finances. However, financial management with all its components is a tedious task for managers.

When it comes to a school and its financial management, a host of school account management software are available in the market.

It is through this software that you can effectively and efficiently keep a close watch over the student billing details, school expenditure and the employee expense details.

Covering all the financial activities that are innate to small private schools, here is a brief rundown of the most patronized school accounting software.

  1. School Management Software

School Management Software is one of the most patronized accounting software for schools.

Assisting more than 3,500 schools, this software developed by RenWeb brings more than 300 core features to the table.

It allows you to effortlessly automate classroom management and school administration.

You can also initiate parent communication through this package which connects you to the homes of students.

  1. Skyward School Management

If you are looking forward to enjoy a superior ERP experience with your school accounting software, it is time you check out the Skyward School Management suite.

This software platform blends leadership with community and technology so as to extend a helping hand to school districts.

Allowing them to operate at a higher level, this software comes across as a futuristic Student Information System (SIS) teamed with a comprehensive HR or finance business suite.

This financial management software for private schools offers features like budget forecasting and accounts payable along with real-time postings into the general ledger.

  1. K – 12 Online

Crafted to provide financial and accounting assistance to private, public and charter schools, K-12 Online is comprehensive and flexible accounting software.

Serving as a customized gateway to student application, enrolment and registration, this technology enables you to get better with tuition management.

Providing an integrated online payments platform, K-12 Online offers a host of custom forms, web-store items and reports.

It is through the Tuition Management option that school administrators can exercise better financial control, with parents enjoying a high degree of flexibility.

Tagged as a self-service portal, K-12 Online through its Fee Management section provides the much-needed accounting assistance to keep track of school fee payments.

  1. Tuition Management

Tuition Management from TADS is a school accounting software aimed at empowering private schools with state-of-the-art products and services in 50 states.

With this software by your side, you can effectively manage school admissions and enrolments along with tracking financial aid and billing transactions.

It also offers a comprehensive Tuition and School Management module that comes with a payment processing feature.

It is through this module that you can effectively manage the finances of your school.

  1. Veracross

Tagged as a comprehensive school information system, Veracross is a school accounting software that is exclusively curated to meet the specific needs of private K-12 schools.

This is a rounded campus database system that does not call for the transference of data between various modules.

If you are looking to improve the operational efficiency of your private school, then it is time you check out this fully-integrated School Information Management System.

  1. HeadMaster

A yet another noted school accounting software is HeadMaster; an offering of ACS Technologies.

Alongside lending a helping hand towards efficient administration, HeadMaster, a unified Cloud-based solution simplifies billing, communication, accounting and donor tracking.

Allowing you to maintain an up-to-date repository of student information, this software can help the concerned check tuition balances online.

In addition to facilitating the acceptance of online and mobile payments, HeadMaster steps in to generate accurate payroll and billing details from check-ins.

All in all, this technology provides viable solutions to all the challenges faced by schools through a unified and well-integrated database.

  1. SchoolBanks.com

All in an attempt to assist all the K-12 bookkeepers, administrators, teachers and treasurers with their school accounts, CPUStudio came up with a school accounting software called SchoolBanks.com.

It is through this single and integrated technology that you can efficiently track student fees and keep a close watch on the petty cash outflow.

With SchoolBanks.com as your school accounting tool, you can generate real-time reports about the pending fees of every student.

An additional financial assistance comes in the form of tracking consumables that are given out to students.

Leaving no scope for any sort of processing errors, SchoolBanks.com comes across as a reliable and user-friendly school accounting technology that meets the real-time financial and reporting needs of parents, studentsand teachers.

  1. Administrator’s Plus Accounting(AP Accounting)

Rediker Software came up with a comprehensive fund accounting technology that is specially designed for PK-12 schools called AP Accounting.

It is through this software that your small private school can enjoy an unmatched integration of financial information and the demographic details of students.

This technology brings to the table a host of features including accounts receivable, accounts payable, student online payments and billing details and real-time financial reporting.

Another notable function of this software is the dual-currency provision to support the transactions of international schools.

  1. EASI

EASI stands for Education Accounting and Student Information System.

This is a client-server architecture based School Accounting software from Effexoft which consists of 27 well-integrated and interactive modules.

Some of them are: academic automation, fee automation, transport automation and office automation.

Serving the financial needs of private schools, this technology simplifies the procedures of billing and invoicing while assisting in fund accounting, general ledger and payroll management functions of schools.

  1. The School Cash Suite

The School Cash Suite is a product of KEV Group; an enterprise recognized as a leader in providing School Activity Fee Management functions to a number of small private schools.

This technology essentially meets the specific financial needs of K-12 schools.

It also allows you to seamlessly automate a number of fund-related functions like collection, management and disbursements.

The School Cash Suite ensures a high degree of accuracy concerning the management and accounting of cash and check transactions that take place with school activity funds.

  1. eFinancePLUS

Specially curated for K-12 private and charter schools, eFinancePLUS offers the dual management of finances and human resources.

Along with the management of accounts payable, billing and invoicing and fund accounting, eFinancePLUS lends a helping hand in the automation of payroll management and general ledgers managed by schools.

SunGard K-12 Education offers this cost-effective software so that all the private schools can make the most of its fiscal management capabilities.

  1. SAF School Management Software

SAF School Management Software is a simple-to-use ERP software that is curated to provide effective school accounting management services to private schools in Nigeria.

Independent of the school type, this software can be integrated to manage the fiscal details of a nursery, primary or secondary school.

Permitting to bring administrators, parents, students and teachers on to the same page, this is a viable option to compute, compile and manage school finances along with other school management processes.

Essentially meant to support the various school management processes, you will be able to use this technology as a single-window platform.

Accounts payable, billing and invoicing, budgeting and forecasting and management of general ledger are some of the essential features of this technology.

Hence it will not be an overstatement to quote that this software can help you make a huge difference to the administration of your school.

  1. MySchoolAccounting

If you are looking to subscribe to a simple yet secure tool for private schools to manage their finances, then MySchoolAccounting can be a good choice.

Many schools (primary and secondary schools) and school districts are already making the most of this technology to effectively manage their school functions including accounts, receipts and online fee collection systems.

Fund accounting, payroll management and general ledger keeping are some of the modules that are available with MySchoolAccounting.


All set to ensure effective management of school funds along with real-time reporting of financial details, a host of school accounting software are already making waves in the sphere of modern education.

You can check out the above 13 options meant for small private schools and pick the one that meets your budget.