“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Anonymous

Teachers are experts at teaching while parents are experts in their children. Healthy relationships between teachers are parent can boost the kids. Effective communication between the two is of great importance for grooming students in the best possible way. Many teachers consider that building a powerful relationship with the parents of their students is futile.

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Classroom education is not merely about grades and scores, it’s a way of moulding children to become better human beings and to achieve knowledge about the world around. The relationship of a child with his/her teacher and parents are completely at different levels. Only 13% of a child’s time is spent at school and the remaining 87% is at home and communities.

Follow these 11 simple tips to ensure better relationship with the parents of your students:

  1. Every academic year should begin with a parent teacher meeting
  2. Greet the parents and smile at them every time. A warm, positive and friendly encounter can make a lot of difference.
  3. Learn the name of all the parents and declare the intention to maintain better relationship with them. Make clear the positive effects of a good parent-teacher relation on their children
  4. Always maintain communication with parents. Not only to report the  bad incidents of the child but also appreciations of the child should also reach them
  5. Find a translator if the parent cannot talk the language of the teacher. Never hesitate to maintain contact with parents
  6. Ask queries about children. Ask parents to inform the teacher if a child faces any personal problem that disturbs him/her
  7. Listen to the parents and also encourage them to speak for the children
  8. Enquire about the talents of each child. A good teacher always aims at the overall development of his/her students
  9. Parents can be invited to participate while making important decisions. Listen to their opinion and arrive at a conclusion depending on that
  10. Share with parents even the minute achievements and developments of their children
  11. Teach parents the simple techniques that can be used at home for teaching their children

Research indicates that when parents communicate with the teacher of their children and involves in their child’s education, children are more successful in school and education.

Due to busy schedule, sometimes it becomes a little difficult for teachers to concentrate on each student. Management Software can help teachers in managing a lot of tasks, and more time can be dedicated to the development of students. Students who are aware of regular communication between teachers and parents trust the teacher a lot more and are likely to put more effort towards studies.

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Likewise, a student who knows that his/her teacher rarely or never communicates with their parents often pits the two against each other. That is counterproductive and will create problems for the teacher. Building trust with parents can be advantageous to students’ progress. Welcome parents as your education/teaching partners.

Parents and teachers should understand their responsibility towards children, increasing the trust between them. The relation can help in moulding the children and also equips them with confidence for the future. Children must be well-educated in this electronic era; the positive side of everything must be taught to them. Sharing is caring.

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