Being on the spectrum of autism changes the way you perceive the world around. Teaching skills to autistic children require unique and more playful ways. There is a special range of toys available for autistic children. Such toys target social interactive skills, language skills, problem-solving and sensory-motor skills.

Here is a list of 15 brilliant toys for autistic children to play and learn.

1. Fidget Cube of 12 Sides

Dealing with stress can be difficult for autistic children. Having this toy can help when closed ones or teachers are not around. This cube has proven to be helpful in reducing anxiety and relieving stress. Children with autism can feel relaxed, having this toy in social environments, during long drives or anywhere else.

2. Adorox Liquid Bubble Drop

This is a portable bubbler, which children can carry. The colorful liquid moves slowly, which relaxes and increases concentration. Bright colors of the liquid keep autistic children focused. They stay calm, which increases their ability to gather thoughts.

3. Blocks of Vehicle and Sound

This toy is perfect to improve picture association and help kids learn the sounds of vehicles. The game comes with a feature of self-correction. Each block contains 6 sides with pictures of motorcycle, plane, train, boat, ambulance and fire engine. Correct solution of the puzzle results in an auditory response of the vehicle’s sound. This makes the game exciting for autistic kids.

4. Chubuddy Pendants

These beautiful pendants are made with latex, lead, plastic and other safe materials. The colorful pendants look like a stylish fashion accessory. And they can also work for children as their chew toy. This can help when a kid feels an immediate need for sensory stimulation.

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5. Learning with See and Spell

This toy is a perfect combination of pictorial representation and language improvement. It improves spelling ability, motor skills, reading and vocabulary as well. The set of puzzle contains boards and pieces of English language letters. Kids can make spellings in this colorful game.

6. Farm Animals and Sound

This is another puzzle to motivate auditory senses in autistic children. The wood-based board contains animal shapes along with colorful animal blocks. A kid has to place the right block in the right shape with the help of pegs. Correct placement results in the sound of that animal. This allows the kid to identify different animals, their sound and improves the ability to work with shapes and colors as well.

7. Quack Stack

With this one toy, you can make shower time exciting and improve your kid’s visual, spatial and motor skills. This toy comes in the shape of a duck, made of non-toxic and safe material. The feet of the duck has a cup shape. The beak pours water and the wings work like a propeller. Pouring water over the duck allows it to navigate its way in a bathtub full of water.

8. Foam Puzzle Blocks

Soft foam blocks of the puzzle are easy to grab. Their multiple colors allow kids to learn texture, while the variety of shapes improves shape identification. They are lightweight blocks in various shapes and a kid has to make building blocks with them. The dotted surface stimulates the skin and touch-senses in an autistic child. This makes them more interactive in other scenarios as well.

9. Balance board

For kids older than 3 years in the autistic spectrum, a balance board is suitable for physical activity. Kids find it fun and enjoy trying to balance themselves on board. You can find versatile animal character shaped boards for your kid. The kid has to stand on the board and balance his or her weight in the center.

10. Riverstone by Gonge

Gonge is known for various toys for children. Their Riverstones set is perfect to improve physical coordination in autistic children. The materials are not slippery at all. The size difference of 6 pieces makes it exciting. You can place the pieces on a flat surface at convenient or challenging distances. The kid can try to move from one stone to the other and balance his or her body on them.

11. Space Hopper

Space hoppers provide therapy forkids. Inflated balls help with sitting and jumping safely in a room. This activity involves multiple muscles, which increases the muscle strength and core power in kids. It also increases the ability to balance. These hoppers are available in different colors in the market. The material is safe and kids enjoy playing with it.

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12. Bilibo

This helmet looking toy is open to your child’s creativity. The material has the capacity to handle weight and damages. Your child can do a lot of things using this toy. It won’t shatter, no matter if played outdoors or indoors.

13. Socially Speaking

Autistic children usually shy away from social encounters. They struggle to express their emotions, which makes communication difficult. This toy called Socially Speaking is a perfect board game you can introduce in the life of your autistic kid.

The game helps to improve the interactive abilities of kids. About 3 to 6 players can play this game together.

The game revolves around the tasks of greeting, listening, complimenting, asking correct questions, calling people, expressing feelings and other social activities.

14. Board of Basic Skills

This is an educational toy to educate kids with autism in terms of daily activities and skills. The toy includes the practice of buttoning shirts, tying shoes and other acts. Kids, who are older than 3, can enjoy this game and learn to do a lot of daily activities on their own. The board game comes with a wide range of toys to build excitement.

15. Early Learning Flash Cards

Flash Cards for Early Learning improve the memorability of kids. Learning shapes, alphabets, phonics, numbers and words become easier. Autistic kids between the age of 4 and 8 can get maximum advantage from this game.

Now, you can find the best toys to help autistic children grow their knowledge, physical and social strength…