Top 6 Classroom Management Strategies for Keeping the Attention of Your Students


Teaching has never been an easy job. Taking care of a bunch of teenagers, who are just ready to do anything but studies, take lots of patience and well planned classroom management strategies. If you feel helpless at times while finishing this challenge, then there are many people similar to you facing similar delimma.

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With so many distraction these days, it is vey easy for the students to get carried away and loose focus. Thus, you need to ponder over these ideas to maintain the attention of the student for a longer time, while teaching.

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1. Rules help a lot indeed

All you need is a good set of rules and a plan to execute them well with your students. This basically means keeping them occupied throughout the session so that they seldom get any free time to distract themselves. Other than this, it will also give them a good direction in the long run.

2. Make the sessions as interesting as possible

Paying attention to a plain lecture is not at all easy. Instead, try out other forms of imparting knowledge. For instance, group discussions and surprise tests related to the session and other such ideas will for sure keep the students hooked to the whole learning process. You can even try adding visual representations of the chapters to maintain attention for a longer duration.

3. Small break will do the needful

Well the plan is to maintain attention but boredom comes really soon if the topics are serious and lengthy. During such times, let students take mini breaks of few minutes. It will help them to unwind and get ready for the further session. One smart of doing this is telling them half of the story and keeping the important stuff for the second half so that students come on time, out of sheer curiosity.

4. Try inculcating humor in between lectures

Serious sessions are never a good option. Instead, try adding humor in the class. This will not only keep the students attentive but also strengthen the bond between students and the teacher. Students will, hence, listen to their teacher attentively. It also eliminates the factor of fear and helps the teacher to manage the class in a smartly and friendly manner.

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5. Lets start the session with a quick exercise routine

Sitting at a place for many sessions makes them lazy and unattentive. During such times, the best practice is to start the session with some simple execises like bending, twisting and stretches. It surely freshens up the mood and prepares the brain to remain attentive for a longer duration, thus helping in managing the class easily.

6. Speak something off-topic

Although it is the main aim, you dont always need to stick to the topic. Sometimes you can discus about news, movies, artists and other topics which will be a refreshing break and inculcate student involvement. Moreover, it will then help student to actively participate in the activities related to the main lecture as well.

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There are numerous ways to maintain the attention of students. So, next time you enter the classroom and find yourself in the middle of a bunch of students filled with boredom, you have these quick hacks in hand.

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