In layman’s terms, transferable skills are all those abilities that will help you stay employable alongside assist you to lead your life in a fruitful manner.

They are skills that are relevant to your social standing, your professional status or while you are at school or college.

Most of the times, people think about sharpening their transferable skills when they are just about to apply for a new placement or when they are in the process of looking out for a better career opportunity.

For all those fresh graduates who are looking to ace the job interview to land up in their dream, here is a list of top 12 transferable skills that will help you secure that role you longed for.

Looking to Impress Hiring Managers? Check out these Transferable Skills That You as a Graduate Should Possess and Sharpen.

Graduates of today are expected to hone the following transferable skills so that they can proudly flash them in their resumes.

Once you mention these skills as part of your resume, you as a graduate looking for a career break are sure to impress your hiring manager in more ways than you can imagine.

  1. Presentation Skills (Oral and Written)

Topping the list of “must-have” skills of every graduate are presentation skills.

You as a prospective employee should be able to present your thoughts and ideas in the best possible manner through superior oral and written communication.

You should not only be able to express yourself clearly, you should also be equipped with strong written communication skills.

Only then, will you as a newbie be in a position to engage in regular official communication with peers, superiors and external stakeholders.

  1. Crisis Management

Life is so uncertain that an unexpected event can throw it out of gear.

You as a graduate should learn the art of dealing with unexpected events that have the power to threaten your organization or your stakeholders.

You are expected to tackle the disturbance without losing your cool and safeguard the interests of your organization.

  1. Attention To Detail

It is the era when you are always bombarded with information coming from various quarters.

However it is for you to identify the information that is of importance to you.

While you start discarding unnecessary information, you as a prospective employee are also expected to assimilate valid information that matters to you and your job.

Attention to detail is the skill that focuses on the accuracy of all the essentials that are needed to complete a task.

While you are required to pick up and work on valid information, you as a graduate looking to be hired should also improve your focus on the task at hand.

  1. An Ability to Assess Your Performance In Line With the Deliverables of Your Peers

While you are expected to keep a log of the expectations of your boss, you should also be open to the feedback offered by your peers and superiors.

While delivering your responsibilities as a team player, you are also expected to have a keen eye towards the work of your peers.

Alongside self-evaluating your performance, you are also expected to stay focused on how others are performing their jobs.

  1. The Ability To Manage Time

Every employee has the same 8 hours of working time.

While some come and leave office on time, there are others who are struggling to keep pace with time. The trick here is all about effective time management skills.

As a capable graduate, you should be able to wind up your work within the prescribed office timings. Only then will you be called a time-conscious and productive employee.

  1. Juggle With Multiple Tasks

Organizations expect you to deal with multiple tasks at the same time, without complaining of the work load.

In doing so, you will be able to get a lot of work done. Productive multitasking will ultimately yield results and help you stay ahead of your peers who stick to delivering one task at a time.

  1. Coordination At The Work Place

If you are a graduate aiming to become a successful team member, you are expected to demonstrate a great deal of coordination skills.

You not only have to understand your role in the entire project but also have a clear idea of what every other team member is ordained to deliver.

Only then can you align your activities in line with what is expected from the entire team.

  1. The Ability to Train and Teach Others

Another core skill that will help you gain an edge over other graduates at your work place is your noble intention to train and teach your peers.

You might have touched upon an idea that will simplify the task.

Why not share the idea with your team, teaching members how they can complete the job with less effort, in a short time?

It will make you an approachable employee and a warm person; always willing to help.

  1. The Intention to Motivate Your Team

If you want to influence your team to demonstrate a particular behavior, you should possess motivational skills.

You as a motivator will have to come up with certain strategies and actions that will influence your team to deliver a desired outcome or response.

It is only when you are self-motivated towards your job that you can motivate your team members.

Hence, motivation is a life skill that sets the stage for a strong personality that is welcomed both by peers and seniors.

  1. Adept at Dealing With Work-Related Ethical Issues

It is very common for organizations to face the fire of ethical issues.

It can be a case of harassment that has come to your notice or an employee wasting his/her office time checking personal emails.

There can be concerns regarding an outrageous behavior of a co-worker.

All these instances concerning work ethics should be dealt with in the most respectful manner so as to maintain the decorum of your job and office.

  1. A Dispassionate Approach Towards Complaints

Irrespective of what position you hold in office, you as a newbie or an experienced employee should possess the skill of handling complaints.

The good news here is: most of the customers give you another chance to serve them provided you handle their grievance or complaint in an effective manner.

Hence, graduates looking to climb the corporate ladder should adopt a dispassionate approach to deal with negative situations or complaints that their job puts them in.

  1. The Skill of Planning and Strategizing

Last but not the least, graduates aiming to make a mark for themselves in the corporate arena are required to demonstrate their planning and strategizing skills.

Regarded as two sides of the same coin, a plan can turn into a strategy or vice-versa.

While planning involves having a vision for the next couple of years, a strategy on the other hand, comes as a long-term mission concerning your job.

You as graduates looking to hone employable skills should possess the ability to plan and strategize.

Closing Thoughts

Today’s workforce is in constant need of well-informed and trained graduates possessing an array of abilities so as to become employable.

All these core skills not only add value to your resume but also enable you to have an edge over other graduates struggling to get placed in their dream companies.

So it is time for you as graduates to pick up these work-friendly abilities so that you can prove to be the best fit for organizations wanting to hire valuable resources.