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Parenting is one of the hardest jobs. It becomes challenging when you go out with your toddler for social gatherings. All the eyes gaze criticizing the behavior of your kid.


At social gatherings, parents have to ensure that kids cope with their problems comfortably. At the same time, they also need to ensure that other people don’t get bothered. Parties, movie theaters, supermarkets, and all other social gathering opportunities require advance preparation to discipline your toddler.

There are both right and wrong ways of disciplining your toddler at social gatherings. This article will help you learn all the right ways:

1. Take Care of Toddler’s Basic needs in Advance

If you go out with a hungry, tired child, he or she is more likely to create a scene.

Discipline a hungry or tired child is almost impossible. These are the basic needs you need to prepare for in advance.

If your kid is tired, don’t take him out. Or, allow your toddler to sleep during the car ride.

If you are going out for dinner with family or friends, don’t assume that your toddler can wait for the food to be served. Feed properly, at least feed enough to satisfy the hunger of your child.

2. Prepare your Toddler Before Going Out

If you put your kid in a strange situation, things are more likely to go out of hands. Preparing in advance is a logical way to discipline your toddler at social gatherings. You should have a talk with your kids or follow a roleplay sequence at home before going out to a new place.

If your toddler is old enough, you can address questions such as:

Where are we all going today?

What are the reasons to attend a gathering?

What will happen when we reach there?

How are we supposed to behave?

Why do we need to behave specifically?

Find age-appropriate ways to help your toddler understand how to behave. This will allow kids to stay ready for new situations and keep them disciplined. But make sure it all seems fun to your kid. Don’t make them feel scared of the place before even reaching there.

3. Don’t Make them Feel Alone or Insecure

Toddlers can feel insecure if they see you ignoring them. It is easy to indulge in conversations at social gatherings. Your toddler knows no other way than to act out in order to gain your attention. It is their way to reassure that you are concentrating on them.

Talking to your kid consistently is very important at social gatherings. Ask them if they need anything or simply include them in your conversations. This way, kids feel relaxed, which reduces the chances of them acting out.

4. Increase Child’s Involvement

Whenever you go out for social gatherings with your toddler, think of things you can do to involve your kids in some activity. Boredom is another reason why kids become restless and start acting out. No kid likes to sit quietly and watch, while you talk to your friends. They need some kind of activity to focus their mind. And obviously, if the toddler is concentrating on something, he or she stays disciplined.

You can keep your kid’s favorite toys with you. Or, find other creative ways to involve your child, according to where you are.

5. Don’t Ignore Toddler’s Restlessness

When adults feel anxious, they tend to move faster and get out of a situation. But that’s not how toddlers behave.

A toddler can feel more restless if you talk loud, fast or try to move out of an environment quickly.

Instead of increasing the pace, you should try and decrease the pace and allow your toddler to calm down.

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Calm yourself down first of all and follow up with deep breathing. Then, connect with your toddler by making eye contact. Sing a slow, soft song you generally sing to calm your kid down. Twirl your toddler around gently. These slow-paced activities can help your child feel relaxed again.

6. Bring out the Child in you

Sometimes kids can make silly demands and act out if you don’t fulfill their demands.

Maybe you want to stop your child from running around, but he doesn’t want to. In these situations, you can bring out the child in you.

Take your kid out and run around. Your exaggerated silliness and make your kid laugh and resolve the stressful situations smoothly.

7. Listen and Empathize

In many situations, toddlers simply want to convey what they feel, which can seem like they are acting out.

So, all you need to do is listen and empathize with their feelings.

Don’t immediately jump into conclusions or try to solve the problem. Wait and listen to what your child is saying.

This will help them calm down and behave well.

8. Set some Boundaries whenever appropriate

You can’t fulfill every demand of your kid, just because he or she is acting out at a social gathering.

For instance, you can’t give your child candy every time he or she asks.

Instead, you can deal with the situation by offering an alternative to candy.

Setting the boundaries is important to make your child understand that they need to ultimately listen to you.

If they feel that acting out is a way of getting away with everything, this will become their habit or trick.

9. Go to a nearby Private Place in case of a Meltdown

If your toddler has a meltdown, it would be wise to calm the kid down a little and try to find a private space nearby.

Take the kid to your car or a room to talk and calm him/her down. This way, you can save from creating a public scene and focus solely on your child’s needs.

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Preparing your toddlers for social gatherings is not a one-talk solution.

Your kid requires constant assistance and you need the patience to deal with unwanted situations. If you keep following all the techniques offered in this article, they will help you discipline your toddler for sure.

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