The Good, Bad and the Ugly of Taking up a Teaching Job at ADEC

Abu Dhabi Education Council helps in contributing better learning environment for students. Teachers at ADEC play a vital role in managing and executing the purpose. The teaching job at ADEC is quite lucrative. If you have got an opportunity and is interested, you might want to know more. Here we discuss both the good side and bad side to the job.

Pros and cons of getting into teaching jobs at ADEC:

Advantages of Taking up Teaching Job at ADEC 

1. Better Salary

No teaching jobs in emirates or Gulf, in general, can beat the salary package of ADEC. Abu Dhabi never hesitates to spend on education.

  • The housing allowance provided by ADEC grants suitable luxurious apartment for stay
  • Salary is tax-free
  • The base salary is up to $52,000 a year

With a better salary, you can live a better life. Say adieu to financial constraints with a teaching job at ADEC. You can compare the salary provided by ADEC to the country’s university positions. It’s impossible to find a similar salary providing private schools in the Gulf. Bonus is also allowed even after termination.

Savings and more savings!

Teaching jobs in ADEC have got both financial security and lighter workload. Upgrade your life with this golden opportunity.

2. Never Hectic

Working hours are light in ADEC. No need to invest your weekend for the sake of job. Employees are often discouraged from working on weekends. No one expects you to stay late. “Your time is your time” is the attitude of the job and no one will interfere with your job.

Exams follow at the end of each trimester. Before exams, there is one or two week un-official, non-teaching time. During that time, no teaching or learning is required. Adding both, you get to enjoy almost 6 weeks of non-teaching time. During exam time, teachers have to work only for half-days.

                     Better Working Environment

There are no special dress codes that prevent you from wearing what you like. People from around the world will be working with you at ADEC.

3. Fully Loaded Schools

ADEC is opening new schools every year with all the latest facilities. The latest generation students are also eager to learn. If you are coming from another part of the world, their respect might surprise you. Students clean board, carry books and bring free food for teachers. It will be amazing to work with them. Schools are divided into Arts and Sciences. Children do not mix and they stay in a single classroom. You will have a good relation with your children. After leaving the job, you will miss them for sure.

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Disadvantages of Taking up Teaching Job at ADEC 

1. Administration

There can be people against reforms. You can get irritated with that. Their job is to create employment. They observe the class only because they are told to do so.  They won’t show up at time. No one from ADEC is going to stop them and their arrogant behaviour. Afraid of losing their job, they tend to blame you for no special reason.

2. Finding Solutions for Your Problem

ADEC advisors won’t indulge in your problems with any teacher, student or administrator. They are least bothered about your issues with others. Only one person can help you, your local administrator. If he is the problem then it’s better to give up. There is nothing you can do about it. You might get depressed with the situation.

3. You Cannot go Against the Flow

No one will notice your struggle at ADEC. Parents have got no idea what’s going inside. Newspapers are least bothered about the practices. Even if you notice anything irregular, you are helpless.

Administration team consists of a principal, two vice president and two other social workers. Their responsibilities change every day. You are not supposed to question them.

Ugly Side of Taking Up ADEC Teaching Jobs

1. Possibilities of Attack

There are incidents when people got attacked by others. A cleaner got attacked by some girls for taking their photo. She was brutally beaten in front of the crowd. Administration and police later confirmed that the cleaner deserves to take the photo. No one got punished after the incident, ADEC remained silent as well. There were attack incidents against teachers also. Brutal incidents happen, yet no one will punish the culprits.

2. Embassy Can’t Protect You

You are devoid of the right of speech, freedom for expression and association.  Everything changes around you. The only thing you can do is to adjust with the current scenario. Some teachers got fired for revolting against an HR in the ADEC’s head office. You can only praise ADEC to newspapers. You can lose your job if you do the opposite. They allow transfers only after one year of service. Some parents expect their child to pass even after being absent for class. They will accuse the teachers for the failure of their children.

3. No Support at All

Discussing the problems online cannot help you.  Anything affecting the reputation of the rulers or government is a criminal offence. Online discussion is a crime.

Without much control on students, they tend to change to be savages. Neglecting their small and petty crimes can be dangerous. Some children harass the teachers using their native language, Arabic. You cannot respond to their insults. Admin will blame you for not knowing Arabic.

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Despite these, if things do work out well for you, there wouldn’t be a better place for you to work as a teacher. That’s the allure, isn’t it?

#whatever be the situation, teaching is a noble profession. “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops” – Henry Adams

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