As summer rolls around the time, students are curiously waiting for vacations to start.

It is the happiest period in every student’s life. At the same time, it’s a worrisome question for the parents,” how to keep students busy during the summer break?”

It is important for the parents to keep their kids active and engaged during the period, because long breaks may result in boredom among students.

There are a lot of fun engaging games for students to enrich their skills and to keep them entertained during the time.

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Let’s have a look at some of the interesting summer vacation activities for students.

1. Keep your Child Stay Active and Healthy

summer vacation activities

Long breaks may be boring for your kids. Children need at least 60 minutes of physical activities every day to keep themselves active and healthy.

To keep them physically engaged, it is always a good option to enroll them for swimming, karate, yoga or dance classes. It can vary according to your child’s taste and interest. These physical activities will be beneficial for them to stay active and healthy.

2. Engage your Child in Reading

summer vacation activities

Reading is one of the best summertime activities.

Engage your kids in reading interesting stories and novels. Spending an hour every day helps to improve their reading skills, helps to gain knowledge, increase vocabulary, etc.

Listening and speaking, reading and writing skills can be improved through reading books. So in every aspect, reading is beneficial for students as it enriches their language on the go.

3. Let your Child Explore the World outside

summer vacation activities

Summer vacation can be made interesting by accompanying your kids on trips outside. Make them chances to explore the world. Fresh air, exercise, and observation are synonymous with child growth.

Partaking them in study tours and picnics will help them to enhance general awareness .These trips can be made mesmerizing for your little ones by accompanying friends and families around.

4. Engage your Kids in Arts & Crafts

summer vacation activities

It improves their creative skills.

Help them to make new things and develop creative and innovative skills. Indulging students in these activities help to enrich their hidden talents.

5. Writing a Daily Journal

summer vacation activities

Engage your kids in writing a daily journal. It helps to improve their writing. This is an effective way to increase writing skills.

Journaling involves writing about his/her experiences, feelings, thoughts, stress levels, etc. This way it can help to improve their self- reflection.

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6. Make a Pet-Rock

summer vacation activities

While going for outings, kids can choose a rock, not too big or small. They can wash it and let it dry. Kids can turn this rock into a pet by decorating with glitter, paint, googly eyes, foam, etc.

They can make it in an innovative and attractive way.

7. Go Stargazing

summer vacation activities

Summer is the perfect time for stargazing. This helps to enjoy the beauty of our natural world. The night is not too cold, so you along with your family can snuggle on a blanket and enjoy watching the night sky.

Letting you watch the beautiful canopy of the world is a memorable summer experience for you!

8. Watch Movies

summer vacation activities

Lazy afternoons can be turned interesting by watching movies that your kids may have missed in the theatre.

Use your home theatre and watch those movies with them. Popcorn and lemonade would be a good accompaniment.

9. Teach Them Gardening

summer vacation activities

Gardening is beneficial for students.

It helps children come closer to nature.

They can plant different types of herbs, shrubs, trees, etc. It also helps improve locomotive skills in them as they have to move from one place to another and need to carry gardening types of equipment etc.

Watering plants help them to know more about plant growth.

10. Teach them How to Cook

summer vacation activities

Learning how to cook is very essential for them as it can be useful in the future. Listening to instructions will help them to improve listening skills and improve memory.

Give them chances to come up with experiments too. Cooking will help them explore their senses and helps them to stay organized. Make them aware of how food is important and about not to waste food. Such activities will be useful in their lifetime.

11. Visit the Library

Apart from reading books, in summer vacation most libraries organize programs, career development courses, competitions, arts, and crafts, etc. Make a visit to a library near you and get engaged in these interesting activities.

12. Rediscover Old Toys

Most of the kids’ old toys have been missing or lost somewhere around the house. It may be hidden in some corners or so.

Kids can use this summertime to rediscover those toys. If they have outgrown those toys, it can be shared with your neighbors or friends. It is always interesting to find out lost things.

13. Making Forts

No matter what your age is, making forts using pillows, blankets, bed sheets, cushions, etc is always fun. It helps to bring up your creative skills. You can also try making larger forts for elder ones.

14. Play in the Dirt

Though messy, playing in the dirt is fun!

Kids always wish to jump in puddles after a rain. Let them a chance to explore.

This activity is beneficial for the kids as it has many advantages. It helps to boost the immune system, keep them active, it helps in the influx of vitamin D (by playing under the sun),

Apart from all these, the happiness they get is priceless!

15. Play with Science

There are many science activities for the kids to experiment during summer vacations.

For example Mix baking soda and vinegar, compare rocks, etc. There are many interesting science activities you can do. Google to get the list of activities and make this summer season an experimental one.

16. Let’s go, Fly a Kite

There is no child who doesn’t love to fly kites. Different types of kites are easily available in the toy stores or it can be even made under the supervision of elder ones.

Teach the little ones the secret of flying the kites for hours in the sky. They can fly kites even if there is not much wind. It’s fun to run with a kite. They can enjoy flying kite behind them.

17. Learn a New Skill

Start learning a new skill that you always wished to learn. But do not rely on courses with a hefty fee to learn this course, instead use YouTube and other resources available using the internet. Here are some of the skills you could develop.

  • Learn how to salsa
  • Learn how to bake
  • Play an instrument
  • Learn a foreign language

18. Family Time

During this summertime, plan some time to spend with your family together. Moments spent together with families and grandparents together are always priceless and memorable.

19. Create Photo Albums

It works for any age. Create a scrapbook with photos you treasure. You can paste photos taken during your visit to different places during your vacation times.

20. Create a Veggie Garden

Try growing a veggie garden this summer. Just a patch of sunny land and some seedlings can make this plan work out. Try planting a variety of veggies, water them regularly and watch their growth. This activity helps you to know more about plant growth and vegetation.

21. Go Swimming

Mother and baby in outdoor swimming pool of tropical resort. Kid learning to swim. Mom and child playing in water. Family summer vacation in exotic destination. Active and healthy sport for kids.

Summer vacations are a perfect time for swimming. Go swimming with your friends to a nearby swimming pool.You can spend time on the beach by reading books or listening to music.

To Sum Up

Summer vacations are a period of fun and entertainment. Make the little ones engaged in interesting activities because long hours of idleness can create boredom.

Fill these wonderful activities with lovely activities and make the time fun-filled

Have fun together and have a wonderful summer!

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