A lot of effort is being made each day to power schools with tech to optimize the experience for associated individuals.

Here is a smart way of broadcasting notifications to large groups of people in a short span of time.

S – info screen is a product from edsys specially designed for educational premises to be displayed in classrooms, staffrooms, libraries and canteens etc.

These screens can be used to publish important announcements and notifications.

In addition, they have an interactive entertainment value associated with them. A lot of educative content can be created and broadcasted on these screens. This is engaging for students, and creates awareness about a lot of things.

How does an S-info screen work?

It is basically a centralized system

These screens are connected to a single computer. The notifications to be published are pushed through the central device, so that all the interconnected displays flash either the same content at the same time or content specific to particular placement.

For instance, the screens could display announcement of events and notices common to all the premises of an institute. Or else it could also be used to inform students about campus specific reports and information.

A major advantage of these screens over notice boards is the multimedia support function. You can showcase informative content in the form of videos, slides, graphics, which is a lot more engaging than inanimate texts and drawings.

A consolidated solution for multiple campuses

In certain circumstances where an institute has, multiple branches scattered across the country or even internationally, installation of S-info screen gives you an added advantage of reaching out to the entire fraternity in a short span of time despite the distance.

It has no limits placed on the distance between the central screen and other displays. All you need is a chromecast or raspberry pi and you are good to go.

The technology is meant to get the students as connected to the campus as possible. The data displayed on these screens can be accessed by any student even if they are not present in the campus. They just need a login id to retrieve to the content streaming live over the display.

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