Our new Hierarchy Management System can be a boon to manage multiple schools in a single go…

‘Hierarchy of Management’ is a system, where the responsibilities of the management are shared for easier administration.

In other words, it is to get data and report it to understand what is happening in the ground and to roll up the information for decision and policymakers.

The decisions and actions will be more informed rather than guesswork, to assure the execution of initiatives and the ways to measure its outcome.

In this system, we have divided it into five levels or categories:

1. Director (Head of District Level):

Director will be the central decision-maker of a district (as per need), but people in every level will have a role to play and a responsibility to maintain.

2. Superintendent (Head of Zonal level):

They are the heads to manage multiple institutions in a particular area or a geographical zone. The external affairs of the institutions, lying beyond the control of Principals will be controlled by them.

3. Principal (Head of School Level):

Principal-the the head of a school or a college resolves the issues in the school premise. Though the Principal is third in the system of Hierarchy, he/she will the primary decision-maker of the institutions concerned.

4. Head of the Department (School Level):

As there are thousands of students along with many departments, it would be difficult for a single person to manage things. So, the responsibilities have been shared by assigning the charge to department heads, which brings a department head to manage the affairs.

5. Teachers (School level):

Teachers are the base blocks of this system, with whom anything is possible. Their list of responsibilities includes teaching, conducting exams; publishing results, maintaining the decorum of the class, submit reports on time, and many more.

Moreover, this system helps to maintain accurate, organized, and systematic records of multiple institutions simplify the role of a manager, and avail reliable and hassle-free information from concerned officials.