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School management is not an easy task. A person doing it single-handedly deserves much appreciation. Majority of the schools have tried many alternatives to reduce the efforts and they were successful only to some extent. But there is one thing that they can do for better school management-to have an HR department!

You might have seen an HR department in almost every office. The HR is responsible for the creation of a work force and its management in a company. Then why not have one in school? No one has really thought about this so far, may be because you are not sure how having an HR department can make school management an easy affair.

Here’s how an HR department can help in an effective school management:

Recruit employees

Identifying skills of the candidates and hiring them to work for an organization is indeed a very tough process. In most schools, those who interview the candidates may not have received any training in recruitment and therefore, they fail to understand the potential of the candidate and may end up hiring the wrong person for the job.  An HR department can save you from this dilemma. They are professionally trained to recruit an employee and therefore, capable of choosing the right candidate for the job, keeping in mind the long-term goals of the school.

Manage student related tasks

Managing student details is no child’s play; same applies to the management of admission procedures. Student management as a whole requires taking care of the admission procedures of a student, documenting all data related to the student and analyzing their performance and identifying their skills. It is not an easy task since an average school would have more than 1000 students. Who else could take care of things better when it comes to student management, other than HR personnel?

Payroll management and calculation

To calculate the payroll of the employees of a school, it is necessary to calculate the number of leaves taken, number of working hours and many other details of that sort. Recording all these details is indeed a laborious task and you, having other duties in the school, may find it difficult to do. Having the HR department to manage payrolls can be of great advantage since they will update all the necessary details, with less paper work while providing accurate reports.

Performance analysis of teachers

In most schools, contribution by teachers go unnoted mainly because the school authorities are not aware of how the teachers perform in various areas, apart from teaching. If you have an HR department in your school, they will assess the teachers’ performances and bring the best out of them. The HR department can do that in the following ways:

  • Evaluate the performance of teachers based on performance of students, professional knowledge and commitment towards work.
  • Assess the performance of teachers based on certain criteria and then, record the details, which can be used to improve the performance of teachers.
  • Help the teachers in recognizing their potential and help them improve their performance and thereby, enhance their professional qualities
  • Identify the areas where teachers need to improve and train them to perform better in those areas

Secure school environment

News of student abductions, student bullying, harassment of students by teachers and the sort fill newspaper columns every day. This has led to the assumptions that school is no longer a safe place for children. As a school authority, you may not be able to keep a complete check on the security arrangements in school. Having an HR department is a boon then. HR department can play a major role in ensuring safety to students and employees of a school. They are capable of keeping every member of the school united, thereby, providing a harmonious school environment. HR department can ensure a peaceful environment by making necessary security arrangements, thus ensuring the safety of students and employees of a school.

HR department, like they contribute to the working of any other organization in a well integrated manner, can help in the working of schools as well. Therefore, yes! School management can definitely be made much easier by HR recruitment.

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