Mobile Apps Influence Childhood Education?

Do you remember your school days, when you used to carry piles of books in your backpack and walk to school or may be, catch a bus to school? You’ll then attend classes and copy notes, most of which you would not have understood completely. Most of you might be saying, “Yes! That was me,” in your minds.

But, things are changing in the education sector these days. Technology has stepped into the overall function of a school, right from school management to the classrooms. Manual attendance tracking, payroll calculation, timetable management, school bus management etc. have been replaced with software solutions. Edsys is an example of a company that provides such software to schools, thus making the jobs lot easier. Some of the products of Edsys include school workforce management system, GPS vehicle tracking system, RFID school bus tracking system, RFID student tracking system, time table management software, Parent portal and so on.

In today’s class rooms, projectors have replaced black boards, computers and tablets have replaced books and mobile applications have replaced lessons. But, how do these changes influence the students, especially the use of mobile apps by students in their beginning stage of education? Let’s find out!

No books
This is one of the greatest advantages of embracing technology! Students need not bring lots of books to school. Just a tablet or laptop will do. Lessons from different subjects are available from a single source. No health issues, no pain. Great! Isn’t it?

Easily understood
It’s a fact that people tend to learn faster from what they see than reading out of books. There lies the relevance of mobile apps in education. Most of the mobile applications have lessons converted to games that make it interesting. Students get to learn from the apps to get a clear understanding of things than when they learn from books.

Class participation
This is one of the challenges faced by a teacher in a traditional education system. Some students are too shy to even answer questions that teachers find it hard to understand whether they have comprehended what was taught. Mobile apps are a big time solution to the problem. Since the learning is interesting, some students even tend to break free from the shyness and start interacting and actively participating in the class.

Going paperless
Students can login to the respective mobile apps and complete their homework and assignments while doing something good for nature. Saving trees! It is easier for the teachers as well, as they do not have to go through bundles of notebooks to check the assignments and homework, thus saving their time and effort. Same applies to the case of exams.

Equal opportunity to all students
Every child will not have the same learning ability. Some may find it hard to understand the lessons while some grasp it easily. In such cases, learning through mobile applications is quite convenient. There are also educational mobile applications available for children with special needs, giving them a chance to learn just like other children.

Performance analysis at the earliest
In traditional education techniques, teachers had to wait for exams to understand their students’ potential. But with mobile apps, it is a lot easier to analyse students’ performances. Teachers can conduct tests or exams may be on a daily basis and then, assess their students to understand the areas they are weak at. They can then help the children improve in those areas, thus providing education to the fullest.

Save time and money
Teaching through mobile apps requires half the effort a teacher puts on in traditional teaching techniques. Also, there is scope for saving lots of money in terms of books and stationary. Since students do not have to pull out each book and then open the lesson, it saves plenty of time too. Teachers can utilize this time to teach more.

All these points prove that mobile applications can play a huge role in the enhancement of education. For those schools that haven’t opted for technology yet, it is time they understand how mobile apps can transform the monotonous learning experience to a delightful one. Mobile apps not only make learning easier but since it’s less time-consuming, the students get to learn more in a day. Also, including technology such as mobile apps in education can benefit students to prepare them in facing the world where technology has laid its hands in every field.


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