KRITI LIMS is an integrated software suite designed and developed for Laboratory Information and Process Management. KRITI LIMS takes care of total workflow automation activities of Quality Control and Testing Laboratories.

The solution covers laboratory functions and procedures. Like Sample Registration, Allocation, Test Result Preparation, Status Tracking, Invoicing. Test Result Printing, Report Generation, Billing, Statements, Reports, MIS etc. Confirming to NABL and other regulatory requirements.

KRITI LIMS solution enables laboratories to move towards paperless office and comply with regulatory requirements. KRITI LIMS has facility to be customized and implemented in the testing laboratory incorporating the workflow as per the lab environment.

Customized versions are available for Environment, Water, Textiles, Metallurgy, Food & Beverages, Petroleum, Chemicals,  Clinical, Diagnostic Testing Services.

Kriti LIMS is equipped with PCs, LAN, WAN, Intranet and Internet versions.

Our solution is available as Software as a Service (SAAS) as well as in Corporate license models.


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