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KHDA, Knowledge and Human Development Authority, a government of Dubai undertaking has now reiterated the importance of Parent-Teacher Communication for the growth and development of students.

School is the second home of children, majority of their day is spent at the school. But, it is a fact that not all children belong to the same circumstances. Some students might have problems at home that school teachers may not be aware of. These problems can easily affect the studies of students.


The responsibility of regular private school inspections in Dubai is upon KHDA, which is authorised by the government of Dubai. Ratings are allotted to the schools considering various factors. KHDA is a third party that stands between parents and schools but aims only in the development of education. Weekly school visits are conducted to identify areas for improvement.

KHDA always encourages concepts that can change education and schools for the better. The importance of powerful parent-teacher relationships are not ignored by the organization as well. KHDA finds it really important to maintain a healthy relationship between the parents and the teacher for the steady development of a student.

RFID student tracking system provides security for children from any external harm, while Timetable Management System ensures better service for teachers. But what makes education worth it? No doubt, it is a good teacher who can understand the needs of her children.

Importance of Parent-Teacher Communication

Productive communication helps to understand situations better. Problem solving is possible with appropriate communication. Students can boost themselves if there is strong and powerful communication between parents and teachers. Communication throughout the academic year serves encouragement and support for the students. It allows parents, teachers and students to work together for development and success.

Parents can provide guidelines to the teachers regarding the strengths and weaknesses of their children and the best way to approach them for teaching.  Students whose parents actively and without fail participates in the education of their children, tend to perform much better and maintains a better attitude towards school and its environment.

Here are some tips to help teachers establish a healthy partnership with parents in order to support students in a better way.

Tips for Effective Parent and Teacher Communication

  • Rather than the explaining the inappropriate behaviour of the student, concentrate more on sending a note home saying how the day of the child went
  • Don’t send junk mail to the parent. The message must be clear with personal note. Highlighting the important part can save the time of the parents
  • Not all parents of the students are well educated. Teachers must maintain a simple and familiar language while communicating to the parents.
  • Parents and teachers can wish each other personally while dropping or picking up children
  • At least once in every semester, teacher must contact parents
  • Parent- teacher meetings can encourage the relationship between them
  • There  must be allotted time for each parent during parents- teachers meeting
  • Parents must be updated about the child’s daily activities and progress
  • If child is disturbed by any personal problems, teachers must be informed as soon as possible
  • Observe children in the class and do not fail to contact the parent if there is any character disorder in the child
  • Teachers should always remain flexible, adjusting to new ideas and strategies
  • Parents should be made comfortable during the meetings. The duration of the meeting must be reported early to the parents
  • Start the beginning and end of the academic year sharing something positive about the student
  • Working together to solve the problems of children is the most effective way of solving them
  • Parents should respond to the notes of the children
  • Manage the academic year with Timetable Management Software that can helps teachers to concentrate more on students

Ways in which teachers can stay connected with the parents of their students

  1. Newsletters for parents
  2. Open house at the end of every month
  3. Curriculum gathering
  4. Home visits (if possible)
  5. Phone calls
  6. E-mails
  7. Special day celebrations  (Parents day, children’s day etc)
  8. PTA meetings
  9. Websites for school
  10. Special workshop for parents
  11. Parent Portal

Testimonies of teachers who maintains a very healthy relationship with the parents;

“I was so hesitant to call John’s (my grade 5 student) parent. But the call had amazing effects on John later. It was great. His parents thanked me for calling them and solving John’s problem at class which was his fear for teachers. The method is really effective” – Miss Grace (Teacher, Grade 5)

 “I would say the most effect way of educating is only possible after knowing how they should be educated. Having a healthy relation with is the most effective way according to me and I strongly recommend the same” – Miss Alice (Teacher, Grade 8)

 “To know the child inside out should be the first task of a good teacher, educating is the next”- Mrs Beatrix (Teacher, Grade 7)

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