GK Questions For Class 6

Students reach class 6 after completing their primary studies.

In this grade, students are expected to have basic general awareness. So this is the perfect time to introduce subjects like Civics, History, Geography, Science, etc.

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The General knowledge (gk) quiz questions for class 6 also include questions on political science, Indian freedom struggle, ancient history, etc.

The students can also refer to other GK questions also to improve their knowledge.

Here let’s see some of the important General Knowledge questions and answers for grade 6.

1) Who is the fastest man in the world?

Ans- Usain Bolt

2) In which year was the Battle of Plassey fought?

Ans- 1757

3) At which age Gautham Buddha got Nirvana?

Ans- 35

4) Who is known as the father of history?

Ans- Herodotus

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5) What was the ancient name of Patna?

Ans- Pataliputra

6) What is the square root of 144?

Ans- 12

7) Who gave the slogan “Do or Die”?

Ans- Mahatma Gandhi

8) Why are the leaves green in color?

Ans- Due to the presence of Chlorophyll

9) Name the acid that is secreted in the stomach?

Ans- Hydrochloric acid

10) Which is the highest civilian award of the Republic of India?

Ans- The Bharat Ratna Award

11) WWW stands for?

Ans- World Wide Web

12) World Environment Day is celebrated on _.

Ans- June 5

13) Plants that develop in dry conditions are

Ans- Xerophytes

14) Where is ‘Great Bear Lake’ found in the world?

Ans- Canada 

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15) What is the full form of Wifi?

Ans- Wireless Fidelity

16) Who is the writer of ‘Panchathantra’?

Ans- Vishnu Sharma

17) Who is the 14th President of India?

Ans- Ram Nath Govind

18) Which is the biggest bone in the human body?


19) Who was the inventor of the light bulb?

gk for class 6

Ans- Thomas Alwa Edison

20) Opium is obtained from the dry latex from which part of the Papaver somniferum Plant?

Ans: Poppy

21) Which Vitamin helps to heal the wound 

Ans- Vitamin C

22) Which is the mineral found in teeth and limestones?

Ans- Calcium

23) Who was at the helm of the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2011 season?

Ans- Charlie Manuel

24) Which is the largest lake in Japan?

Ans- Biwa

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25) What is the weight of a cricket ball?

Ans- 5.75 ounces

26) Which is the only even prime number?

Ans- 2

27) Who invented the number zero?

Ans- Aryabhatta

28) How many degrees are there in a circle?

Ans- 360

29) What is the shape of dice?

Ans- Cube

30) How many decimal points are there in a number?

Ans- One

31) How many seconds are there in an hour?

Ans- 3600

32) A triangle with all side equal is called_?

Ans- Equilateral triangle

33) Which is the first odd composite number?

Ans- 33

34) What is a polygon with five sides called?

Ans- Pentagon

35) How many years is a decade?

Ans- Ten

36) A raindrop is of which geometric shape?

Ans- Sphere

37) What is the approximate value of pi?

Ans- 3.14

38) 90 minutes amount to ___ hours?

Ans- 1.5

39) What is the value of Golden Ratio?

Ans- 1.618

40) What is a triangle with all three sides of different lengths called?

Ans- Scalene triangle

41) Which polygon has opposite sides and angles equal?

Ans- Parallelogram

42) Which number is neither prime nor composite?

Ans- 1

43) A polygon with all four sides and angles equal is called___?

Ans- Square

44) How many seconds are there in a day?

Ans- 86400

45) How many sides does the base of a pyramid have?

Ans- 4

46) Fourth Buddhist council held during the reign of which emperor?

Ans- Kanishka

47) In which year did Mahatma Gandhi start Dandi March?

Ans- 1930

48) Who is the founder of Chola Dynasty?

Ans- Vijayalaya

49) Which was the first animal to go to space?

Ans- Dog

50) Zawar mines are located in which Indian state?

Ans- Rajasthan

51) Which country is the first in Asia to launch a plastics pact?

Ans- India

52) What is the capital of Finland?

Ans- Helsinki

53) Ozone layer is in which layer of the atmosphere?

Ans- Stratosphere

54) What is the capital of Morocco?

Ans- Mozambique

55) Which is the longest river in the world?

Ans- Nile

56) Mount Aconcagua is located in which mountain ranges?

Ans- Andes

57) Which Indian state was the first to introduce the “Oak Tussar Industry”?

Ans- Manipur

58) National Research Centre on Yak (NRCY) is located in which Indian state?

Ans- Arunachal Pradesh

59) Which is the largest river on Earth?

Ans- Amazon river

60) Which is the most spoken language in the world?

Ans- Mandarin Chinese

61) Which is the highest mountain peak of India?

Ans- Kanchenjunga

62) Who was the first president of the USA?

Ans- George Washington

63) How many fundamental rights are mentioned in the Indian Constitution?

Ans- 6

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64) Who is popularly known as the Napolean of India?

Ans- Samudragupta

65) Who was known as Punjab Kesari?

Ans- Lala Lajpat Rai

66) When is World Health Day observed?

Ans- April 7

67) What was the theme of World Health Day 2022?

Ans- Our Planet, Our Health

68) October

Ans- Our Planet, Our Health

69) Which planet is known as the Morning/Evening star?

Ans- Venus

70) Which continent invests the most in solar power?

Ans- Asia

71) Who won the 2022 International Women of Courage Award?

Ans- Rizwana Hassan

72) What is the theme for World Wildlife Day 2022?

Ans- Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration

73) What is the name of ISRO’s new humanoid robot that will go to space next?

Ans- Vyommitra

74) Which country is known as the Pearl of the Orient Seas?

Ans- Philippines

75) Who is known as the father of Indian nuclear program?

Ans- Homi J Bhabha

76) Who invented radio?

Ans- Guglielmo Marconi

77) Which is the longest river in Europe?

Ans- Volga River

78) Which was the first metal used by Harappan civilization?

Ans- Copper

79) Thomas Cup is related to which sport?

Ans- Badminton

80) How many players are there in an ice hockey team?

Ans- Six

81) Ryder Cup is related to which sport?

Ans- Golf

82) Which country invented paper?

Ans- China

83) Who has been reappointed as the President of the World Health Organization (WHO)?

Ans- Tedros Ghebreyesus

84) Which day is observed as International Literacy Day?

Ans- September 8

85) Who was known as the Missile Man of India?

Ans- Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

86) Name the marine animal known as “sea cow”?

Ans- Manatees

87) Which is the protein found in nails?

Ans- Keratin

88) Which instrument is used to measure blood pressure?

Ans- Sphygmomanometer

89) Which mineral is found in teeth?

Ans- Calcium

90) Which acid is secreted in the stomach?

Ans- Hydrochloric acid

91) Who is known as the “father of vaccination”?

Ans- Edward Jenner

92) Which is the slowest moving animal on Earth?

Ans- The three-toed sloth

93) Which only metal in liquid form at room temperature?

Ans- Mercury

94) Which is known as the Father of modern medicine?

Ans- Hippocrates

95) Which scientist developed the Theory of Relativity?

Ans- Albert Einstein

96) The air we breathe is majorly composed of which gas?

Ans- Nitrogen

97) What is the chemical name of Vitamin C?

Ans- Ascorbic acid

98) Plaster of Paris is made of ____?

Ans- Gypsum

99) Hematite is the ore of which metal?

Ans- Iron

100) Who discovered Penicillin?

Ans- Alexander Fleming

101) Which planet has the biggest known volcano in our solar system?

Ans- Mars

102) Who invented telephone?

Ans- Alexander Graham Bell

103) Kelvin scale is the unit of ____?

Ans- Temperature

104) Which part of the brain helps body balance?

Ans- Cerebellum

105) What is the full form of LED?

Ans- Light Emitting Diode

GK Questions

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