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Parents and teachers are looking for smart ways to engage kids in a learning environment in their free time.

However, keeping them engaged for a long time can be a challenging job.

Enthusiasts have come up with lots of fun websites that can engage the kids for a pretty long time.

These websites are focussed on rich educational content that are presented in a more fun and engaging manner.

While some of these  websites are inclined to certain areas such as science or mathematics, many of these sites are offering a comprehensive content that covers almost all areas of study.

All or most of these fun websites for kids are free for use and interacts with kids in the best possible way.

Here are a few among the fun websites for kids that help them to learn and play in a safe online environment.

1. Funology: The fun websites for kids comes with many interesting blogs that are meant to review many games as well as some craft pages that keep them engaged. The kids can try out some scientific experiments with their parents and have a feel good experience. There is also a recipe section that can be used by parents to try out some healthy but tasty breakfast and lunch options for kids.

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2. ABCya!: This is one of the top rated and popular website. It is designed to engage kids in the most interesting ways. This is in fact a comprehensive package that covers a range of subject areas such as language, maths, science, arts and a lot more. Also most of the games need typing skills and good computer skills that sharpen their efficiency in these areas.

3. CoolMath: Just like the website describes them, this is absolutely an amusement park for mathematics. The online maths games let the kids learn various aspects of the subjects such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, decimals, money and a lot more without losing the fun element. This website is designed for kids of 13 years or more. Its sister sites are designed for kids of ages 3 to 12 and one for preschoolers.

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4. Exploratorium: Are you looking for new ways to make your kids learn about science and arts without giving them a feel of serious learning time? This website offers numerous interesting ways to let kids explore various aspects of science. They get a chance to interfere with gadgets, traverse through the galaxy, go below the sea and even try the experimental science of animals, gardening, and cells.

5. Starfall: The parents of kids that are taking the first step towards learning rates this website as a cool choice. This site is popular among the parents for more than a decade. Once they get to the next level of learning, parents can engage them with reading plays, comics and nonfiction.

6. Discovery Kids: This website is the right destination to let your kids learn facts about nature, science, technology and more in the most interesting way possible. Parents can improve the kids’ interest for learning through a range of games, activities, puzzles, and quizzes and they will start discovering the world without the feel of an actual learning.

7. How Stuff Works: It is quite common for kids to ask a lot of questions regarding the stuffs we see around us such as sky, water, forest, buildings, and even science and technology. Parents can find this fun websites for kids a great tool to help their kids to overcome most of their doubts in addition to engaging them with games, quizzes, and videos. The website is categorized for different subject areas such as science, technology, entertainment, money and culture that make it easy for kids to trace out their doubts.

8. Funbrain: The kids who are part of kindergarten to those in the eighth grade have interesting educational fun elements in the website.

They have designed many games to engage kids during their free time that indirectly focus on some actual learning.

Parents who are looking to improve the reading skills of kids can visit the website to access the books and comics.

9. Kids Know It: In this website, kids get a great chance to learn more about a range of subject areas such as animals, spelling, geography, chemistry, astronomyetc.

They can find it really interesting to spend time on this website as they could listen to educational music, view free educational movies, and even read fun facts.

10. This is an awesome platform for kids to interact with other kids from around the globe and they can learn any foreign language very easily. Kids have options to share their master piece works including arts and poems with their global peers. They feel good about getting a global audience for their work which motivates them to try more. This website can be accessed for absolutely free of cost and parents don’t need to worry about the safety options.

11. Brain POP: The kids in the grades K-12 can find this website a suitable destination to spend their free time. They can engage with a cool learn with fun experience. They have access to a lot of sections such as games, movies, and even an experimental arena to try out their various skill sets. The interesting fact about the website is that parents have even option to home school their children as the site offers every subjects in the core standards also.

12. Highlights for Kids: This is an online version of the popular magazine that tops the market for past 6 decades. Parents can reach out this website to entertain their kids with amazing options of play, read and craft. The site comes with lots of options to let them learn with fun. Art activities, animated stories, matching games and & science experiments are a few among the many options.

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13. Science Bob: This is a website for kids that rightly mix a repository of information with fun. Learning science with fun is a close reality with this amazing site. Kids can go through the research tips, try out their skills with trial experiments and get a deeper understanding with the subject through a Q&A section. They can also access cool science fair ideas and explore their science knowledge through experiments blogs and science store sections.

14. Kodable: This fun websites for kids is aimed to train kids to learn the basics of coding from an early age that makes it easy to grasp the coding lessons at school in their higher classes. The site takes the kids through an amazing journey where they learn coding with fun and they do it with a self-guided game. The drag and drop feature helps them to do customisation to the game and make the output even more interesting.

15. Disney Jr: Does your kid love the cartoon characters Mickey and friends? Then this is the right place to engage them during their free hours as the site guarantees unlimited learn with fun experience.

The kids will love the colouring pages, games, and videos while they indirectly focus on developing their hand-eye coordination, memory and colour matching.

16. The KIDZ Page: This website is in fact a play ground for kids with more than 5,000 pages of interesting activities and learning games. The parents will have a tough time to choose from the large repository of unlimited fun and knowledge. A few of the most rated sections include online colouring pages, word games and jigsaw puzzles which are loved by kids. Interestingly, the site includes separate sections just to engage the kids during the holidays only.

17. Time for Kids: Making kids aware about politics and other current affairs is usually not considered important. But it does make sense to make them understand what is happening around the world. An endeavour from TIME magazine, TIME for kids has articles and news regarding politics, environment, sports, entertainment etc. It might not be as lively and fun as the other websites but sure brings the world to the kids, in a language that they are receptive of.

These are just a few among the many fun websites for kids that help them to learn how to enjoy responsibly in an online environment from their early ages. There are a lot more websites that are exclusively aimed at exploring other subject areas such as geography, vocabulary, anatomy and even poetry.

The additional support, guidance and practice they get through various activities in these websites help them to grow up as smart kids in various subject areas. The different activities and games help them to be more creative and think out of the box for winning solutions. Many of the games and motivating content enables them to bring out their best and stay positive with a competitive and healthy mindset.

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