“Education is the trail to triumph, and teachers influence the lives of their students in an enchanting form”

Are you a passionate individual looking for a job in the educational field? If you are, you might have tried out umpteen number of job portals where you strive to complete endless forms and eventually, got frustrated with the slumpy responses. In that case, limit your futile searches and get directed to our divergent and simple job portal – Edubreaks!

Edubreaks.in is a new job portal designed to assist job seekers who yearn to work in the world of knowledge. You can find vacancies for teachers, instructors and all educational institution related jobs from this website. For school managements, the portal will help to find the right candidates in quick time.

About Edubreaks.in

Edubreaks.in is a simple and elegant solution for new and experienced teachers, lab technicians, etc to apply for jobs. What makes Edubreaks.in unique is that we randomize the job postings from different institutions and bring them together in one easy search. The website also helps to keep track of the candidate’s profile with his/her applied details. Job seekers can sign up to receive free email alerts when new jobs are posted and apply online to jobs posted directly on Edubreaks.in. Edubreaks.in makes it easy for you to apply for several jobs by providing a common application. Fill out your information once, submit your details and resume once, and apply to as many educational employers as you wish.

The Purpose

The purpose of designing Edubreaks.in is to give the educators a platform for finding the right job for them. It connects educators with high quality educational institutions, providing them opportunities for self improvement and growth. When educators submit their resumes and apply for job postings, the employers are able to select the best employees that suit their criteria well. Edubreaks.in is prepared to provide teaching jobs and enables job seekers to search for job positions based on job title, job category, institutions, locations and experience. Job seekers can search for relevant jobs based on their choice and apply for jobs of suitable interest. Briefly put, the main purpose of Edubreaks.in is to enable applicants to search for jobs in a convenient manner and to enable employers to find suitable candidates.

Scope of Edubreaks.in

  • Employer, Job Seeker & Admin has to register themselves to the system
  • Employers provide their requirements for the candidates
  • Job seekers submit their requirements for the desired job
  • Employers can see the desired job seekers profile & the job seeker can view the company profile before applying for the Job
  • The portal provides the option for job seekers to create their public profile, upload resumes, search for jobs and apply for multiple jobs.
  • It also provides the employers to create their accounts, search potential candidates, submit various job postings, and pursue the applied candidates.

The Objective

The objective of the application is to develop a system using which job applicants and recruiters can communicate with each other. Edubreaks.in is an application where educators or like-minded candidates can register themselves at the website and search jobs which suits their profession whereas the employers register with the website and put up jobs which are vacant in their institution.

Access Profiles

Guest User

Searches Jobs – Users can search for a specific occupation based on different categories such as location, job title etc.

Job Seeker

Job seekers will be able to search jobs, apply and keep track of applications from their profile in Edubreaks.in. Job seekers are able to securely view the status of their application using their login. They can also set up their profile and upload their resumes in one shot so that they can present their most relevant information to

Human Resource (Employer)

New job vacancies with title and requirements can be posted so as to attract job seekers. Employers can use the application to post part- time, full-time and experienced jobs. Once applications start coming in, the HR or recruitment team can filter the received applications based on their requirements and provide information about the interview process to selected candidates.

Database Administrator

The database administrator establishes job vacancies to candidates by approving new job offers posted by employers. They provide reports to employers regarding the number of visitors and applicants for each job opening. Also, they inform new features updates and other details regarding the web portal.

Online Applicant Tracking for Employers

Edubreaks.in provides a set of tools needed to manage your hiring from job posting to job offer as if it is a paperless recruit. Manage jobs, applicants, application processing, virtual interview, interview schedules, and candidate searches to be economic. The employer reviews the applicants and collaborates online with comments and evaluations and applicants’ ratings.

Other Features

After the initial sign up with details, the candidate will be able to view the following once logged in:

Candidate Profile – Candidates can see and edit how their profile details are presented, which are very important to get the attention of the employer.

Available jobs with titles –The current vacancies available are displayed under a tab with job titles, which makes it easy for candidates to identify relevant job openings.

Close Date – The date of interviews and the date till when applications are accepted are displayed in the screen so that candidates stay informed.

Locations – Job location is as important as the job requirement or profile. By looking at the location, candidates will be able to decide if the location is manageable or not.

Experience – Institutions will have different requirements to fill in their vacancies. Sometimes freshers are given preference while at other times experienced are preferred. In Edubreaks.in, candidates as well as prospective employers can display their experience related data and requirements.

Status/Application Status -Tracking the application status can be a headache for candidates as they usually have to call up the recruitment team. But, Edubreaks.in makes it easier for them by displaying the application status.

You can visit Edubreaks.in to enjoy its features.

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