children's day activities

The innocence that lies in the eyes of a child holds priceless gems of obscure emotions and talents, waiting to be revealed and accepted.

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Why not try and spill the jar of upright madness and let them discover themselves a little more than they do now.

Listed below are 21 children’s day activities and games which teachers and parents can take note of.

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1. The children’s day Quiz

What better way to find out how much they know about this day and its significance?

Try putting down an enlightening questionnaire for them to know and realize the importance of this day.

Doesn’t matter if they are unable to answer many questions, but they sure will walk out informed and aware.

2. Treasure hunt

We need not sweat over this one as we all know how it works.

You hide a valuable artifact and hand the hunters with a map leading to various clues that help them reach it.

The only effort lies in creating a thrilling map and excitingly bizarre clues which makes it a lot more fun to guess the location of the treasure.

So hide the treasure and watch them turn into the detectives they are.

3. Pinata

The game involves beating up a hanging Pinata until it breaks and causes a flow out treats.

Fill the pinata with ample and tasty treats to make them feel delighted about all the effort they put in the game

. After all, they need to realize that delightful results only come with perseverance and hard work.

4. All about me

Ask each child to write on a piece of paper the details of their likes and dislikes.

Pool these papers together and read out the tastes one by one loudly allowing children to guess which child it might be.

It is better to keep the details a little obvious so that it is easier to associate them with each of their personality.

The game would foster a bonding between the children in a class. They get to know each other better and would teach them how to respect individual choices.

5. Complete the beetle– the game aims at getting all the body parts of the beetle to complete a picture.

Label each body part of the beetle with numbers. The children can then roll two dice and draw the body part which corresponds to the numbers appearing on both.

They can’t start drawing until they roll the number which is paired with the head or body. If numbers to both head and body appear, they can draw either one of them and not both.

6. Show some Feelings

You cannot think of a better game to teach kids to identify emotions. Write all the emotions each on small chits of paper.

Mix them up in a bowl. Each kid comes up to the bowl, picks a chit and does a charade depicting the emotion on the paper. The others in room guess the emotion.

7. Playing Dress-up

collect a handful of clothes in various bags and provide one bag each to each kid participating in the game.

Set up a timer for 2 minutes. The kid who changes maximum number of clothes in the set time frame wins.

Make sure the clothes are comfortable enough to be worn on top of their normal clothes. Woolens would be great.

8. Guess what

This is a very demanding play in terms of vocabulary and description.

If you want to see the storytellers in them, this is the game you are looking for.

All you have to do is fill up a box with graphical cards. You can even ask the children to make these cards themselves by pasting cuttings from magazines and newspapers on cardboards.

Mix up the cards in a big box. One by one student picks one random card and try to help others guess what the picture is about.

They cannot say an outright word describing the image but have to be implicit and elaborate in the quest of helping others guess it right.

9. Twister

This one gets the maximum laughs for sure! So what you need here is a big board printed with circles of different colors or numbers.

But try to place different colored circles in fairly random positions. Pick two or three competitors.

One child gets one board each. Announce a color and ask them to stand on that corresponding circle on their respective boards.

Then as you keep announcing colors they have to reach out to those particular circles with the help of their arms and legs.

The child, who manages to conquer maximum colors with his wit, wins.

It is a great way to have their cerebrums boosted and getting judgments right.

Besides, this would really put their flexibility to test but try not to let them stretch to the extent they might end up hurting themselves.

10. Just a Minute for Kids– Now this JAM is different from the usual high standard JAMS for college kids.

This one is rather basic but fun. Make a group of kids and put a timer. All the kids have to do is guess when one minute is over on the clock.

Tell them the starting point by saying for instance “Go”. And from that point the kid who guesses the time closest to the completion of the minute, is the winner.


1. Attend children’s day events

There will be special events hosted by shopping centres and malls for children’s day events.

The events include various games and activities to engage kids and enjoy themselves.

The games are accompanied by prizes and treats for all the children.

It could also have various other activities like dance and stage acts where kids can participate and showcase their talents.

2. A trip to the Milky Way

Head over to the nearest planetarium in the city and let them savor away the grand design of the universe.

The fad for celestial objects is common among kids once they discover that there is much more to existence the world they see around them.

This is informative as well as engaging.

3. Bowling

Be a sport and get the ball rolling. Pun intended!

This could be a very exciting and refreshing activity as it involves the mind and physique.

This could be a revelation for parents as well if they discover the spot bug in the kids.

4. Arcade

We have arcade arenas nowadays in almost all malls and hypermarkets.

Arcading is nothing but a lightening act for children to get away from their stressful school routines.

It also helps them get their mind and bodies in sync and leave them energized and pumped for the rest of the day.

5. Go-karting

 A very clumsy but rather fun game to let your child’s driving skills go crazy.

Go-karting tracks are coming up in almost every other city.

So pick your phone now and look out for the nearest kart racing track in your town.

6. Movies

Utilizing this day to show children some fun and exciting movies, possibly animated if they are fond of cartoons, is a very good idea.

7. Amusement parks

Just say this word and you will watch their eyes light up with joy!

Children will certainly love the idea and one thing for sure. You are not the only parent or teacher planning this right now.

The parks might already be sold out on tickets. So Hurry and book for it now!

8. A meet up with grandparents

We all would agree on the thought that kids love spending time with their grandparents.

So this children’s day why not host a grandparent meet up with kids at the school.

The kids and grandparents can be asked to acknowledge the relationship they share with each other and the stories of their childhood.

This sure would turn out to be a good bonding session with elders and everyone can learn from the veteran experiences they share.

9. Costume party/ Dancing

Remember Teletubbies?

Oh, how adorable were those cute little dolls and kids around the world adored them.

Only until we grew up to realize they were only humans dressed up like dolls. But we still love watching these huge dolls owing to their charming innocent smiles.

Teachers could dress up as one of the cartoon characters and surprise kids in school.

Or children could be asked to do a cosplay of their favorite Disney characters.

You could then host a ball party where these characters could dance in pairs and drown in the world of Disney dreams

10. Sister school

Ask one school to be your sister school for a day.

The children from your school shall write to a randomly chosen sister pal of theirs in the other school.

This expands their social circle and they get to interact with children with different personality.

How about gaining new perspectives from each other? This is fun and makes them ready to have a social life at a very young age. Introverted mindsets prevail in today’s society like ponies in pastures.

There is nothing bad about it. But there is no harm in helping kids to welcome people at least occasionally in their lives.

The positive effects outweigh the negative ones.

11. A night under the sky

Nothing matches the peacefulness of lying  beneath the vast canvas of glittering stars.

If your kid’s love star gazing then it is a total win. If they have not tried it yet, why not do it this children’s day? Let them experience the intensity of life and dive deep into the laps of the mystical universe.

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What have you planned for the kids this children’s day? Whatever it is, make sure it is fun-filled, exciting and makes it a day to be remembered.

At the same time do not forget to add the engaging ingredient to the recipe.

Let them feel the involvement in each aspect and at the end of the day, they will feel proud and content to have celebrated the day with much responsibility and joy.

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