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Games are one of the best ways to engage kids and they learn many technical, creative and logical skills without the feel of actual learning. Enthusiasts have introduced several numbers of video games that invoke interest among kids. Nowadays, kids are more into app games available in mobile gadgets but they still love the big-screen gaming experience in laptops and PCs.However, when it comes to online browser games, parents and teachers are always worried about the safety factor as they can accidentally get exposed to inappropriate content.

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Here we can help you out by sharing a list of the amazing browser games for kids that can be played in a safe setting with minimal parental supervision.

Choose one or more of these games and let the kids experience a good boost in memory, cognitive development and easily learn novel areas of the world in a fun mode.

1. Doodle

browser games

This is a really interesting social sketching tool that invokes creativity among kids. This is a simple game with lots of fun and kids can start drawing their favorites with just a quick click.

They have access to a range of drawing tools like pens, crayons, and pencils and creatively use diverse colors to develop amazing creations. Kids can then share their creativity on the site or social media.

2. Lego

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Kids can find a lot of awesome games on the Lego website in diverse categories like action, strategy, preschool, adventure, and creative that makes use of Lego pieces in some way.

They can come across games like Art Maker where they spend fun hours doing painting and sketching artwork. Some other interesting games are Bits and Bricks that uses building and strategy and Star Wars-themed games like Empire vs Rebels.

3. Neopets

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The game takes place in a virtual world of Neopia where kids can be part of a virtual pet community. They can make their own pets in this virtual place and take good care of them. A kid can own up to four pets and they can earn points by playing games. The virtual currency can be utilized to buy toys, clothing, food, and other necessary accessories for pets.

4. Starfall

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This is a fully-featured site that comes with simple options to let kids have some creative gaming time. They can come across tools and mini-games here that let them master the fundamentals of phonics, reading, and maths. There are really interesting song games and characters like Peg the Hen and Zac the Rat are designed to enhance their reading skills.

5. NASA Kid’s Club

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The US space agency NASA lets kids explore a range of interesting games through their Kid’s Club. They have a separate section for the same on their website and the educational games are inspired by real astronomical and mission information.

Some of the popular games on the list include Roving on Mars, JunoQuest and Jumbled Jets and kids can have a better understanding of International Space Station. There are also fun games that give an opportunity for kids to enjoy the experience of painting rockets.

6. Disney

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There are rarely any kids who don’t have an interest in Disney characters. Kids can go to the Disney website where they can play a range of games that lets them explore Disney characters.

They can come across their old favorites like Mickey and Minnie Mouse or the new favorites like Honour (Frozen), Dory, Princess Elsa, and The BFG. New games will get updated on a constant basis to let kids explore the variety.

7. Poptropica

browser games

This game is completely set up in a virtual world where kids can have lots of fun. They will be challenged to travel to many islands where they need to play games, complete quests, and read comics.

There are options to communicate with other players who keep the game lively. They will earn credits which are then used to buy virtual goods or spend on customs. 

8. Safe Kid Games

browser games

This is a great combination of fun games, learning games and educational games for kids in a safe setting.

All of the games are available for free and is keenly reviewed to assure that it is safe for kids.

Some of the top games here include Jewels match, Pop’s Billiards, Colouring book, cat memory and a lot more. The key categories are adventure, puzzles, strategy, sports, and jigsaw.

9. Nick Jr

Kids can have an amazing collection of fun learning games with a wide variety of choices.

The water park game lets them go wild on water rides and the Nick Jr. camp count and play game comes with four mini games that help kids to practice measuring, counting, and sorting.

10. Bob the Builder

This is an amazing collection of games for kids who love to play and learn with curiosity and creativity. Bob the builders’ tool shed, Bob the plumber, Bob the builder winter fun, Bob the builder recycling center is among the top favorites in the list.

11. Sesame Street

The website offers fun games like Duck Art Canvas and Dorothy’s Fish Bowl that invokes interactivity and curiosity among young kids. They can have a great understanding of different animals, their behaviors and habitats through games like Ernie’s Dinosaur Day Care. Parents can build virtual storybooks using Story Book Builder.

12. British Council Games

This is a combination of fun educational games that are designed for older kids. Most of the games are meant to improve their English, spelling and grammar in a creative way. Some of the popular games in the list include Word Wrangling, Wordshake and Verb Machine.

13. PBS Kids

browser games

Parents who are looking for amazing browser games for kids can visit PBS Kids where there are lots of educational games.

Kids are engaged in the best way possible and games are designed to improve their curiosity to learn. They can learn about maths through measurement games and problem-solving games enhance their thinking.

14. Magic School Bus

browser games

This is an exciting game from the Scholastic team that inspires kids to develop their imaginations and creativity by selecting different field trips.

Ms. Frizzle is a great companion for kids during the trip when they can learn and explore a lot about the space, rainforest, human body, deep sea, and other educational destinations.

15. Minecraft

browser games

This is an amazing collection of games for creative kids. It comes with the right mix of fun and learning content. I

ts problem solving and construction features make it a favorite choice among teachers who are looking to creatively teach kids. GrindCraft, Mine Blocks, Mega Miner and Orion Sandbox 2 are among the top favorites in the list.

16. Two kids

The website comes with interesting and creative content for kids in the category of ages 2 to 5 and 11 and under including hundreds of educational and fun games.

A Lotta Sports is an interesting one in the list that covers various sports games that invoke interest for physical activities among kids. They can learn more about planting and growing plants through the Get Growing game.

17. Spree Games

This is not a single game but comes with links to a range of amazing learning games. Kids can choose their favorite game a wide range of categories like environment, art, and health.

There are also interesting games for kids who have taste in chemistry, music, and maths. Parents and teachers can help kids to find suitable games based on age or learning level.

18. Pororo games

browser games

This is a brilliant collection of games for kids in different categories to keep them engaged and let them learn with fun.

The games are featured with popular characters from the series ‘Pororo The Little Penguin’. The Pororo puzzle, Pororo memory game and color Pororo are among the top favorites.

19. Switch Zoo

This is a really interesting animal game to engage kids. They have to use their creativity to mix and match the legs, heads and tails of about 142 animal species. The game features fast facts, animal profiles, and online habitat tools.

They have the opportunity to feed the animals and learn more about their habitats. There is even an interesting section where they can match the animals with their respective sounds.

20. Funbrain

browser games

This is a top choice for teachers and parents looking for free educational games for kids in a safe and fun ambiance ever since it was introduced long back in 1997. In addition to games, kids can explore books, videos, and comics which are all designed to enhance their skills in problem-solving, math, reading and literacy.

21. Club Penguin

browser games

This is a fun multiplayer game that features role-playing activities. Kids can visit the website to explore a winter world virtually through a series of small games.

They can earn coins through winning games which can then be utilized in a virtual store.

Hope this list of browser games can be a good repository for kids to get engaged in their free time at home or school.

There are thousands of such awesome browser games available for free that boost their mood and enhance their brains without any compromise on the safety factors.

Teachers can include these browser games on the list when kids come to computer labs to enjoy some gameplay in their free time.

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Even when parents are not really happy when the kids spend most of their free time in front of screens, there are really good games that let kids learn many important things.

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It is all about being choosy with the right set of games and setting a friendly boundary for kids to limit their screen time. Try to include more educational games on the list along with some fun games to give a balanced gaming experience for kids.