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When we come to think about it, digital transformation in education has been hastened by the lockdown due to the Corona Pandemic. Children are at home 24/7 and the schools are closed until the end of 2020. Parents are breaking their heads trying to find ways to keep kids edutained (education + entertainment). Thats’s when YouTube comes to the rescue. There are hundreds of YouTube channels for kids. We’ve collated a list of the 23 Best YouTube Channels for Kids in this blog. This list has channels that focus on education, art, activities, science and technology, and lots more.

  1. Pebbles Kids Learning

  • Subscribers: 855K
  • Best for: Kids of ages 2 to 9
  • Don’t miss: Vedic Math Tricks| Speed Maths Tricks, Tell Me the Answers| Tell Me Why, Learn Magic Tricks with Hands| Learn Magic Tricks for Beginners

Pebbles Kids Learning is a great channel for school kids. This channel has videos that cover a wide range of subjects including math, English, science, Vedic Math, History, and Geography. They also have interesting videos on generic concepts for Pre KG and KG kids. Pebbles also has channels in local languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telegu, and Bengali.

2. Peekaboo Kidz

  • Subscribers: 1.06 Million
  • Best for: Children of ages 2 to 11
  • Don’t miss: Four Domains of the Earth, Carnivorous Plants, What is Space Debris

This YouTube channel has colorful and attractive animated video content for kids. It has videos of phonic songs, lullabies, nursery rhymes, and English songs. The channel also has videos on environmental concepts, mathematical theories, and lots more. The videos are just 5 to 10 minutes long to keep the child’s attention focused.

3. Kids TV – Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs

  • Subscribers: 16.3 Million
  • Best for: Kids of ages 2 to 6
  • Don’t miss: Kids TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs, Parts of the Body Song, Little Eddie Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes, fun videos on alphabets, shapes, colours, interesting stories, songs, and lots more educational and entertaining videos to keep your tiny tots occupied. The video content available in Kids TV are a great way to make your children learn the basic concepts in a fun way.

4. TED-Ed

  • Subscribers: 12.1 Million
  • Best for Tweens and Teens
  • Don’t miss: Does Time Exist, Questions No One Knows Answers To, Think Like a Coder,

TED-Ed is a part of the TED and is committed to spreading great ideas in education. This YouTube channel has videos on scientific concepts, coding, poems, history, natural science, math, and student talks. The concept and content of these animation videos are created by experts and educators.

5. SciShow Kids

  • Subscribers: 472 K
  • Best for Tweens and Teens
  • Don’t miss: How Animals Find Their Way Home, The Coolest Machine Ever, Physics for Kids, Are There Other Planets Like Earth?

Encourage your child’s curiosity to explore the amazing world of science and find answers to those oft-asked “Why” questions. This YouTube channel has interesting videos on science experiments and the natural world.

6. Motivation2Study

  • Subscribers: 2.38 M
  • Best for Tweens and Teens
  • Don’t miss: Stop Wasting Time, Work for your Dreams, 5 Best Ways to Wake Up at 4 AM every day

Do you feel that your kids are feeling down and demotivated because of the pressure to perform? This channel has motivational videos that encourage students to manage their time and plan for success. It also has videos of famous people sharing tips and suggestions to be successful in life.

7. National Geographic

  • Subscribers: 14.9 M
  • Best for Tweens and teens
  • Don’t miss: Earthquakes 101, Journey into the Deep Sea, Great White Shark Hunting Patterns

National Geographic explores the natural world and focuses on bringing global awareness to environmental issues. The scientists, explorers, journalists, and filmmakers in Nat Geo travel to the ends of the world to bring to you real stories of people, culture, natural life, and lots more. This official channel is a repository of the documentaries, short movies, and videos from National Geographic filmmakers.

8. Ryan’s World

  • Subscribers: 26.3 M
  • Best for: Children of ages 5 to 10
  • Don’t miss: Easy DIY Science Experiments, Healthy Food Vs Unhealthy Food Challenge

A YouTube channel for kids hosted by a kid! This channel has videos of Ryan doing fun science experiments, skits, challenges, pretend play, and other activities. In some videos, Ryan’s family also joins him for more fun and entertainment.

9. 5-Minute Crafts PLAY

  • Subscribers: 17.6M
  • Best for 4 to 10 year olds
  • Don’t miss: 25 DIY Soap and Bathroom Décor Ideas, 22 Budget Ideas for Cool Crafts, 20 Genius New Ways to Use Ordinary Things

If your child has a creative bent of mind and enjoys making things with his/her hands, this channel is sure to give you exciting DIY activity ideas. This YouTube channel has interesting and interactive videos on various fun DIY art and craft projects for kids. It also has videos of simple recipes, magic tricks, hacks, and lots more.

10. Talking Tom

  • Subscribers: 20.3M
  • Best for: Kids of ages 3 to 10
  • Don’t miss: Toilet Drama in My Talking Tom Friends, Sing with Talking Tom, Racoon Invasion in Talking Tom Hero Dash

Does your child enjoy playing with Talking Tom on your mobile phone? Then he/she is sure to enjoy these animation videos where Tom is the hero. Your child will have a gala time with Talking Tom and his gang.

11. Ninja Kids TV

  • Subscribers:10.1 M
  • Best for: Children of ages 8 and above
  • Don’t miss: Power Rangers Ninja Kidz Battle with healthbars, Gymnast Vs Giant: Who is Stronger, Power Rangers Ninja Kidz

Your little Ninja fan at home will enjoy watching these videos. The channel contains videos performed by gymnasts, athletes, and skilled ninjas. The videos are of skits, challenges, action adventures, and lots more. The theme of the videos majorly focus on life skills and character building. However, as there is a lot of action in these videos, parental guidance is necessary.

12. Blippi

  • Subscribers: 9.25 M
  • Best for: Kids of ages 4 to 10
  • Don’t miss: Blippi Learns about Jungle Animals, Detective Blippi Video for Children, Blippi Learns at the Children’s Museum

These videos encourage and satiate your kid’s curiosity about the world around him/her. A fun character called Blippi sings, dances, plays, and explores the world around him as he takes the viewers along.

13. Tech Insider

  • Subscribers: 3.17M
  • Best for: Tweens and Teens
  • Don’t miss: 6 Months of the Corona Pandemic in the US, Why We Still Don’t Have Another Concorde, What if Humans Tried to Land on Saturn

Children interested in tech and space exploration will find plenty of interesting videos on this channel. It also has videos of Apple gadgets and Tesla road trips. This channel is also the video platform of Business Insider.

14. Nintendo

  • Subscribers: 6.96M
  • Best for: Tweens and Teens
  • Don’t miss: Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield, All Things Crossing, Classic Nintendo Games

A video channel for Nintendo fans. It brings to you the latest news, videos, and releases of Nintendo games and gaming systems. You can also watch the videos of the Nintendo simulation game series here.

15. Magic Tricks for Kids 

  • Subscribers: 15.1K
  • Best for: Kids of ages 6 to 12
  • Don’t miss: Magic Vanishing Milk Illusion, Glass Levitating Floating Illusion, Linking Paper Clips Illusion

A YouTube channel that consists of videos that teach simple magic tricks to kids. Impromptu tricks that your child will love to show off at the next birthday party or a family dinner.

16. The Royal Institution

  • Subscribers: 866K
  • Best for: Teens
  • Don’t miss: The Magic of Chemistry with Andrew Szydlo, Quantum Fields – The Real Building Blocks of the Universe with David Tong

This video channel is the YouTube handle of The Royal Institution, which is a London-based charitable institution. This channel has interesting and in-depth videos of various scientific concepts as well as talks of world-famous scientists and writers. It has videos on concepts in biology, brain, chemistry, physics, medicine, tech/engineering, and mathematics. Teens who want to build their career in the world of science and tech are sure to find these videos fascinating.

17. Art for Kids Hub

  • Subscribers: 3.07 M
  • Best for: Kids of ages 4 to 10
  • Don’t miss: How to Draw Hello Kitty, How to Draw a Birthday Cake

Art for Kids Hub is a family YouTube channel where Rob, his wife and four kids share their love of art with the world. The channel has  hundreds of how to draw videos. Just give your budding artist the art supplies and help him/her learn the basics of drawing with these videos.

18. National Geographic Kids

  • Subscribers: 404K
  • Best for: Children of ages 6 to 12
  • Don’t miss: Behind the Scenes, Explorer Academy, You Wanna Be a What?

Nat Geo Kids YouTube channel is for the bright and curious little minds. It’s a simpler and more child-friendly version of the National Geographic video channel. The videos have a lot of animations that children will enjoy. The channel has videos that talk about natural life, environment, animals, destinations, and lots more.

19. Draw So Cute

  • Subscribers: 2.08M
  • Best for: Tweens and Teens
  • Don’t miss: How to Draw Movie Characters Cute, How to Draw Famous YouTubers

Another YouTube channel for children who are interested in art and drawing. In these videos, the host Wennie helps children learn drawing and DIY crafts. The videos have step-by-step instructions on drawing cartoon, movie, and anime characters.

20. Morphle TV

  • Subscribers: 8.61M
  • Best for: Kids of ages 4 to 8
  • Don’t miss: Morphie Vs Orphle, Learning videos for kids

Mila is a cute and imaginative girl. Her father has a magical pet store where there are pets with magical powers. Mila has her own magical pet – Morphle, that can change itself to any shape. Every day is fun and magical with Mila and her magical pet.

21. Free School

  • Subscribers: 352K
  • Best for: Tweens
  • Don’t miss: Exploring our Solar System, Exploring the coral reefs

Learning becomes fun and easy with these interesting and age-appropriate videos. This YouTube channel has videos on various concepts in literature, science, history, music, art, and more.

22. British Council |Learn English Kids

  • Subscribers: 223K
  • Best for: Tweens
  • Don’t miss: How to videos, kids stories

The British Council is a UK-based organization that offers English language training programs. This channel is for kids who are learning English as a second language. The videos have stories, songs, rhymes, and simple English conversations.

23. Infobells

  • Subscribers: 11.4 M
  • Best for: Children of ages 2 to 5
  • Don’t miss: Grandma stories for kids, Akbar and Birbal stories

This YouTube channel is managed by an Education and Edutainment publishing firm of the same name. The channel has videos of rhymes, animated bedtime and grandma stories, lullabies and lots more. You can also find videos in local languages including Malayalam, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, and Hindi on this video channel.


There’s a lot of content out on the internet and parents need to take the utmost care to ensure that the children have access to age-appropriate content.

So, we do suggest you evaluate the video content and channel before getting your children to watch them. If you have any other favorite YouTube channels that have helped your children, share them with us here in the comments section.