With the advancement of digital learning, the influence and popularity of educational podcasts are worth mentioning. While some of them are created just for kids, there are interesting educational podcasts designed for students, teachers, and parents too.

A podcast can range from as short as 2 minutes to a lengthy version of 2 hours or more. There are some fantastic podcasts that explore science, mathematics, language, education, and technology.

Here we are sharing a list of some of the amazing educational podcasts you would love to listen to.

  1. Tumble

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This is an amazing science podcast that comes with cool stories in the wake of scientific discoveries. A teacher and a science journalist co-host this show, that discuss a wide range of topics from deep oceans to distant galaxies.

Kids are sure to develop a love for science once they start following the show in which the scientists share their experiences of process and discoveries.

  • Best for ages 6-12
  • Best pick of episodes: The Science of Poop with Mary Roach

Listen to the podcast here!

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2. Circle Round

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This is a simple, fun, gentle, and engaging storytime educational podcast created just for kids. The narrator Rebecca Sheir comes up with a lesser-known story or folktale in every episode.

To make it interesting, talented screen or stage actors help with the voice cast. The compelling and captivating stories always end up with a moral or positive message.

  • Best for Grades Pre-K–5
  • Best pick of episodes: Encore: ‘A Taste of Honey’

Listen to the podcast here!

3. Short & Curly

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This is a mind-blowing ethics podcast that is broadcasted right from Australia. The kids will always have a random set of questions with them related to small things that happen around them.

The hosts take the role of investors who are in search of answers for the diverse dilemmas that surround the kids. The sessions may sound simple to adults but interesting and thought-provoking for kids.

  • Best for ages 7-12
  • Best pick of episodes: Is it ever okay to lie?

Listen to the podcast here!

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4. The Show About Science

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This is an amazingly adorable show hosted by 6-year-old Nate. Unlike the common assumptions, this science interview show includes some serious science subjects filled with innocence of a 6 year old.

He has got a specifically original interviewing style through which he interacts with scientists and discusses on a range of topics like radiation to alligators and vultures.

  • Best for ages 3-9
  • Best pick of episodes: Why Are Kids Striking against Climate Change?

Listen to the podcast here !

5. TED Talks Daily

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This is a great platform to listen to the world’s leading thinkers and learn more about a range of topics from Zoology to Artificial Intelligence. Listeners can access audio episodes of thought-provoking subjects daily on the go.

The host and journalist –‘Elise Hu’of this educational podcasts the space to present the latest talks from interesting and inspiring people. This in fact gives the right mix of information and entertainment.

  • Best for teens
  • Best pick from episodes: How to build your confidence — and spark it in others | Brittany Packnett

Listen to the podcast here !

6. NASA Science Castseducational podcasts

This is a great space for listeners who crave to know more about the innovations happening in the world of science. The topics range from solar system, space experiments, universe,sky watching and many more.

Almost all historical space missions by NASA are discussed in short and fun podcasts and listeners can have the joy of exploring some unusual science topics that are not usually discussed elsewhere.

  • Best for science enthusiasts
  • Best pick from episodes: Finding Magnetic Eruptions in Space, With an AI Assistant

Listen to the podcast here!

7. Shabam

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Even when the show is meant for kids, it is equally entertaining and engaging for older adults, as well. This is a quirky and fast-paced podcast that teaches the audience about science through fictional stories.

A science journalist, an emergency medicine physician and a filmmaker together host the show. The first season discusses about how a zombie apocalypse separates kids and parents and the incidents following it.

  • Best pick of episodes: Brain Traps
  • Best for ages 8-18

Listen to the podcast here!

8. School Psyched!

educational podcasts

This is a simply great podcast ideal for those interested in psychology and equally benefits students, teachers and parents. It covers a range of topics from educational technology to ADHD strategies.

Top psychologists are interviewed regularly to help the listeners to gain a deeper insight into the new happenings in the educational system.

  • Best for students, teachers and parents
  • Best pick from episodes: Self-Regulation Strategies with Dr. Richard Cash

Listen to the podcast here!

9. The Past and the Curious

educational podcasts

This is a silly, fun-filled, and engaging series which is a meet up of history and humor. The educational podcast tries to give light to the unsung heroes and little-known stories from the past.

To make it more interesting, there is a fun quiz session just before the end of every episode.. This is also meant to evaluate how well the kids were attentive while listening to the podcast.

  • Best for Grades 3–8
  • Best pick from episodes: You Have 30 Seconds

Listen to the podcast here

10. Brains On!

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All curious minds can listen to this podcast to have some really interesting discussion time about science. A wide range of topics are covered in each episode that includes life on other planets, carnivorous plants, interpreting dog and cat sounds, and a lot more.

The show is co-hosted by kids and comes with lots of energy-filled fun segments, interviews, and the random musical number.

  • Best for ages 6-12
  • Best pick from episodes: Mosquitoes: What are they good for?

Listen to the podcast here !

11. But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

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Kids will always come up with some crazy questions and parents will have a tough time answering at least a few of them. The show kick starts with the voice of a kid asking a random question like why the sea is salty or why there are diverse religions.

The rest of the show will have experts answering the question. The explanations are on a simple level which makes it easy for any kid to understand the reason.

  • Best for ages 5-10
  • Best pick from episodes: Why is soccer called “soccer” instead of “football”?

Listen to the podcast here!

12. Wow in the World

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Kids who are listening to this educational podcast can actually go on a journey that is filled with wonder and curiosity. The weekly show covers many interesting topics like wombat poop, singing mice or the power of a dog’s nose.

The show discusses the science behind the topics that are loved by kids. Teachers can have a membership to get access to conversation starters and classroom activities.

  • Best for Grades K–5
  • Best pick from episodes: Two Whats!? And A Wow! – Butt Bubble Breathing

Listen to the podcast here!

13. Science Friday

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Kids who are curious about technology, science, and related interesting stuff can listen to Science Friday podcasts. Host-Ira Flatow makes it really interesting by featuring science enthusiasts and those who wish to be.

Also, listeners who call in with crazy science questions are welcomed to make the show cool and interactive.  There are also related videos and articles posted on the website to add-on to the audio and teachers can access free lessons, STEM activities, and resources.

  • Best for Grades 6–12
  • Best pick from episodes:SciFri Extra: Science Diction on the Word ‘Quarantine’

Listen to the podcast here!

14. Book Club for Kids

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This is an interesting educational podcast that showcases how a random group of kids analyze a young adult book. Each of the episodes is dedicated to a separate book.

The book’s author will be part of the show in the form of an interview and the best part is the inclusion of a celebrity reader.

  • Best for ages 9-14
  • Best pick from episodes: Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson

Listen to the podcast here!

15. Story Pirates

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This is a wild, wacky, and imaginative podcast that tries to be somewhere near to a kid’s original story. A team of talented improvisers read out short stories composed of kids.

They pretend as pirates and enact the stories in a hilarious way. All kids are free to submit their piece of the story to Story Pirates and see if it gets shortlisted for a fantastic episode.

  • Best for Grades K–5
  • Best pick from episodes: The First Kids to Work at the Census

Listen to the podcast here !

16. EdChat Radio

educational podcasts

This awesome podcast revolves around the interesting and mind-blowing discussions that revolve around the weekly Twitter discussion on #EdChat. The conversations range from anything and everything from personalized learning to professional development and related areas.

For every different topic, you can get to know about a wider response from different people and the expert views on the same.

Best pick from episodes: What Practical Steps Can We Take to Deal with Racism in Our Schools?

Listen to the podcast here!

17. Listenwise

educational podcasts

This is an award-winning podcast that plays the role of a listening skill platform. Users are free to search by school subject or topic area. It always comes with useful content that advances classroom learning and builds or boosts listening skills.

Topics are always interesting and most of the time inspired from the current events that tie learning with the real world. Teachers can access useful resources to make class time more interactive and engaging.

  • Best pick from episodes: A Positive Response to Bullying

Listen to the podcast here!

18. The Mission Daily

educational podcasts

Kids can become wealthier, healthier, and wiser as well as accelerate their learning by listening to this amazing podcast. It was listed among Apple’s best podcasts recently and it’s podcasts are peculiar and have a separate fan base.

The best part is that listener can learn something new every day and see positive improvements in his/her learning, career, relationships and more.

  • Best pick from episodes: Connecting more deeply with those around you

Listen to the podcast here !

19. The Allusionisteducational podcasts

This is a great educational podcast that helps you to explore the English language at its best and come across all the oddities. You will feel good to find roots of phrases and words that are part of the everyday conversations.

Unlike similar podcasts, it is rich with levity and good humor that informs and equally entertains the listeners. Students can try writing out their linguistic or grammatical jokes and share them with peers.

  • Best pick from episodes: Blood Is Not Water

Listen to the podcast here!

20. Math Mutation

educational podcasts

This is a great mix of short podcasts that are created for listeners who are eager to explore mathematics and be a master of it. Unlike similar maths shows, a range of quirky and strange concepts are discussed and shared that is usually not part of the school learning.

Even without the usual illustrations or diagrams, the short audios are truly engaging and bring in lots of fun while discussing a different side of the subject.

  • Best pick from episodes: Turning Things Sideways in Time

Listen to the podcast here!

21. StarTalk Radio

educational podcasts

This is a mind-blowing show in which Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses anything and everything in space. It can be about planets, stars, humans in space, and a lot more interesting stuff.

Many inspiring personalities are interviewed that includes Alan Rickman to Buzz Aldrin. Teachers can ask students to watch an episode and do research about the unique science topics.

  • Best pick from episodes: Technology and Us, with Ainissa Ramirez

Listen to the podcast here!

22. Infinite Thinking Machine

educational podcasts

Those interested in education and technology can find this high-energy TV show really interesting and fascinating. A good part of the listeners are educators, students and parents who are trying to taste the odds of new technology.

A classroom teacher represents the host of the show and the educators who regularly listen to the show can be  more creative and innovative with  their teaching strategies.

  • Best pick from episodes: Mechatronics

Listen to the podcast here!

23. EdTechTalk

educational podcasts

The educational podcast is designed with the goal of enabling both teachers and students to communicate regarding academia by utilizing the best of technology. Users are even motivated to create their own podcasts and post in the platform.

The website is home to a range of podcasts from renowned experts in the field of education and technology that can truly inspire listeners to turn creative.

  • Best pick from episodes: Get it Right for Girls

Listen to the podcast here!

24. Google Educast

educational podcasts

This is a weekly podcast that is contributed by Google certified teachers to share what is new in technology. Listeners can catch up on the show to have a summary of novel Google products and tech tools that are emerging.

Teachers can make the best use of this podcast to get the know-how of the innovative educational tools that can enhance the classroom activities and boost the student learning.

  • Best for teachers
  • Best pick from episodes:Kims wins the Educast

Listen to the podcast here !

25. Revisionist History

educational podcasts (2)

This podcast is a great platform that showcases, addresses or reminds us of the people, events, things, and ideas that have been ignored, misrepresented, or entirely forgotten.

Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History brings before us particular historical moments and tries to teach listeners about something that was never discussed or reveals the unique human experience of the times.

  • Best pick from episodes: A memorial for the living

Listen to the podcast here!

While some of them listen to the podcasts from their desktop or laptops, the present trends are signaling that creators are optimizing the shows for a great mobile viewing experience.

This selection of educational podcasts is short and the list is quite big to share. You have the option to subscribe to most of these podcasts so that you know when the new episodes are added to the list.

An interesting study in the US last year has found that almost 50% of those above 12 years of age have listened to at least one podcast.

There is no wonder why educators are making use of this new medium to make their class lessons more creative and engaging.