crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles are a great addition for regular classroom exercise for primary school kids.

It can be a good choice along with typical classroom lessons to enhance the child’s reading skills and improve spellings.

They will have a better awareness of general knowledge on diverse topics.

Also, it helps to gear up the thinking and processing ability of children.

Problem-solving skills will be stimulated in an optimal way by letting kids solve excellent crossword puzzles.

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Kids will be better trained to focus more and develop memory.

Here are a few among the best crossword puzzles for kids that we came across that will be ideal for primary school kids.

1. Opposites

Just like teaching the nouns and adjectives, it is important for teachers to educate kids on the opposite words to make their vocabulary strong.

This awesome puzzle is a good platform for teachers to make kids familiar with the commonly used words and their opposites.

Just fill up the answers in the corresponding number marked in the puzzle to make it complete.

crossword puzzles for kids

2. Shape Names

Understanding different shapes in and around us is one of the key areas to be taught to primary school kids.

This fun crossword puzzle can be a good option to test their awareness about the different shapes like squares, circles and triangles and its variants.

Kids can have a look at the pictures of shapes and answer it using the clues which are given in the form of a few letters in the shape names

crossword puzzles for kids

3. Vegetables Crossword

This vegetables crossword puzzle worksheet is an awesome way for English learner beginners to improve the vocabulary of all common vegetables.

Kids can learn the spelling of a variety of vegetables like cabbage, carrot, corn, cucumber and more.

Kids can have a look at the pictures of the vegetables alongside the puzzle and answer it on the corresponding column number.

crossword puzzles for kids

4. Food Names

There is no better way to introduce kids to the world of foods. In this simple but interesting crossword, different types of foods are shown in numbered pictures.

Kids have to look at the particular food and answer it in the corresponding number in the crossword.

crossword puzzles for kids

Teachers can use this crossword to explain the diverse food types, their tastes and help them distinguish between main meals and deserts.

crossword puzzles for kids

5. Body Crossword

This crossword is a practice worksheet to learn more about the vocabulary of our body parts.

Kids can learn about the spelling of our body parts by answering the puzzle.

Kids can go through the picture clues of the body parts and answer the puzzle which includes all common body areas like feet, hand, face, nose, mouth and more.

crossword puzzles for kids

6. Animal Name Puzzles

This is an amazing puzzle to introduce the diverse species of animals like primates, birds, reptiles and mammals.

Pictures of animals are given as clues and they are connected to their corresponding numbers in puzzles using pointers.

Teachers can use this puzzle to teach them how different animals make sounds, the type of food they eat and the category of animals like if they are domestic or wild animals.

crossword puzzles for kids

7. School Supplies Crossword

This is one of the most useful but interesting crossword puzzle for primary school kids that make them familiar about the different types of school supplies they will come across.

Kids can go through the clue picture to answer this crossword puzzles which include practice words like paper, pencil, notebook, crayon, and more.

8. Guess The Colour

This is a simple and fun but interesting puzzle to help kids to learn about different colours.

The clues of the puzzle are objects that are commonly associated with particular colours like sun for yellow.

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Kids just need to follow the number in the pictures and the corresponding number in the starting column of puzzles while answering the colours.

crossword puzzles for kids

9. Bedroom Crossword

This is an excellent crossword puzzle for English learner beginners to improve their vocabulary of stuffs you find in a bedroom.

The common practice words included in the puzzle are pillow, rug, bed, blanket, wardrobe and more.

Kids can easily find out the puzzle solutions by looking at the clues given as pictures.

crossword puzzles for kids

10. Fruit Puzzles

Fruits are the delicious and healthy foods one should include in their diet and kids can use this fun puzzle to learn to identify them easily.

The first letter of each fruit is given as clue in this crossword puzzles. Kids can have a look at the pictures of foods on the side to identify them easily.

Teachers can further discuss about the health benefits of each fruits and why they are important in their diet.

crossword puzzles for kids

11. Christmas Puzzles

This is a simple but fun-filled crossword puzzle which helps teachers to introduce the festival of Christmas.

The puzzle will include the common terms associated with the festival such as Christmas tree and star.

Teachers can help kids to get familiarized with the popular terms associated with this traditional festival and how people around the world celebrate it.

crossword puzzles for kids

12. Sports Puzzles

This is a sporty crossword puzzle to introduce kids to the world of sports.

The puzzle helps them to identify common sports such as basketball, golf, and tennis to fencing and polo.

The pictures of sports are given as clues and kids can try to answer them on the corresponding numbers in puzzle.

The teacher can discuss the importance of physical activity and sports in life and the skills required for every sport.

crossword puzzles for kids

13. Guess The Months

Knowing all the months of a year and learning its spelling is important for a primary school kid.

This fun crossword can be a excellent option to help them learn about different months and remember its spelling.

In this crossword, the spelling of each month is scrambled.

The kids just need to unscramble it to get the correct spelling of each month and then fill up the crosswords.

crossword puzzles for kids

14. Know the Nature

This puzzle is a cool option for kids to know more about the nature around them, whether it is animals or birds.

They have to use the picture clue of nature and answer the corresponding puzzle.

The pictures will be numbered and they have to just enter the answer in the particular number in a crossword.

Teachers can use this opportunity to educate them on the importance of staying close to nature.

crossword puzzles for kids

15. Transportation Crossword

This crossword puzzle is a thrilling option to educate kids about the different modes of transportation available around from their younger days.

This puzzle not only lets them know about basic options such as cars, buses and bikes but even the advanced transport modes like submarines, rockets and excavators.

Kids can go through the numbered pictures alongside the puzzle to answer the corresponding modes of transport.

16. Math Crosswords

In this fun but simple crossword, kids can answer the simple maths problems in a crossword format.

Solving these puzzles help kids to practice mathematical problems and regular classroom lessons which can improve their arithmatic skills.

At the end of the session, it is sure that the kids will crave for more crosswords and they will start loving the subject.

17. Bathroom Crossword

This is an interesting crossword puzzle that includes practice words of the common stuffs we see in a bathroom.

This is a good platform for kids to improve their vocabulary of bathroom items like soap, shower, towel, shampoo and more.

Kids can go through the clues which are provided as the pictured numbers of particular bathroom objects.

18.Kitchen Crossword

This is a really useful crossword puzzle for kids that helps kids to have awareness about the stuff you can find in a kitchen.

The puzzle comes with illustrations about kitchenware items which are numbered and kids can have a look at it to answer the corresponding crossword.

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This can help to improve a child’s vocabulary in basic things in life and teachers can further explain the functions of these objects.

19. Find the words: Sounds

This is an interesting ‘find the word’ crossword puzzle for primary school kids. Teachers can use this puzzle to educate kids about the sounds produced by different animals.

After the session, kids can fill up the blanks by matching the correct sound of particular animals. Finally, they have to find out the word from the puzzle.

20. Baby Animals Crossword

This is a really engaging crossword puzzle where kids can come across the vocabulary of baby animal names.

The particular puzzle includes 18 of the most commonly discussed baby names including a bunny, calf, duckling, eaglet, chick, cub, fawn, hatchling, foal, gosling and more.

Kids have to look at the animal names and answer its baby names in the corresponding column in the puzzle.

21. Weather Crossword

Teachers can use this chilling puzzle to educate kids about the types of weather they see around throughout the year.

Kids can first complete the sentences using the clues of the type of weather which is illustrated as pictures.

Then they can complete the puzzle by writing the weather type on the corresponding column numbers like sunny, cloudy, hot etc.

22. Daily Actions

This is an amazing crossword puzzle for kids to educate them about the vocabulary of daily actions we perform and their spelling.

The puzzle is given in the form of a numbered crossword where each number will have a corresponding clue alongside.

Kids can have a look at the picture of the actions performed and fill up the related sentence to answer the puzzle.

23. Jobs Crossword

This crossword puzzle is a good option for teachers to educate kids about the different types of jobs people are doing to earn their living.

They can better their vocabulary of diverse job types like firefighter, nurse, teacher, dentist, the police officer and more.

Teachers can explain the duties performed in each job and kids can fill up the sentences based on the information to answer the puzzle.


24. Drinks Crossword

This is a crossword puzzles worksheet  helps kids to improve their vocabulary of the types of drinks we have along with food.

They can get familiar with all popular drinks and their spelling including that of juice, coke, milk, coffee, and more.

The clues are given as complete the sentence formats and kids can go through the pictures to fill it and answer the puzzles.

25. Clothes crossword

These awesome crossword puzzles help kids to improve their vocabulary of the types of clothes everybody wears.

The common practice words included in the puzzle are jeans, shirt, skirt, sandals and more.

The pictures of the different types of clothes are given as clues and kids can figure out its spelling to answer the puzzle.


Teachers can consider including a session for solving crosswords for kids once in a while in addition to regular classroom lessons.

This will not only keep away the boredom of mundane classroom routines but gives them a platform to build their creative problem-solving skills.

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It is an amazing way of helping kids to prepare for taking tests with much confidence.

Parents can also use the free time to solve crossword puzzles together that will help your kids to grow up smarter.

Moreover, this serves as a way to bond with your child in a fun but creative way.

This is one of the best ways to spark interest among kids in reading and writing.