Managing Assessments should be easy, right? We too think so 

Undoubtedly, student assessments are an essential part of the education system. So, our technology team behind “Edsys for Education” began to think- how we can incorporate the assessment management system into the software?

At Edsys, we are always aiming at creating a seamless experience for each and every user. And, because of that, we want to ensure that the assessment part has to make sense and give good value to end-users.

So, it’s taken a sweet time. But finally, we do have an Assessment Management System in place. Tada! So, we’ll do a quick run-through of what’s on offer with the assessment management system. (If you want to know in detail, you could always check our dedicated page for Assessment Management System) Right here!!

  • This system is designed with personalized testing modules for a systematic and continuous mode of evaluation.
  • Testing modules will be a set of questions like Fill in the blanks, Multiple Choice Questions, Match the list, Yes or No questions’, etc.
  • Parents, teachers, and students are involved in this system in some or the other way.
  • Parents use it to check their child’s progress, view the questions and answers marked by the kid, get instant test results, and many more.


  • Teachers play a role in this by checking the details of exam attendees and defaulters, giving instructions and feedback when needed, changing test questions, etc.
  • Students are the group to be benefitted the most, as they can bring learning to their homes, easily make a self-evaluation, re-attempt tests and clarify topics, manage time to study and prepare schedules, etc.