8 Things you need to know about School App Today

There is no uncertainty that mobile apps are taking the world by storm, as people depend on them for entertainment, productivity and what not! They are making their presence felt in the education field too. These school apps provide a variety of solutions to schools, students and parents in a convenient and easy to use method. The school app plays a supporting role to School workforce management system along with the parent portal. Let’s have a look on the numerous benefits that can be derived from school apps.

1. Creating Pleasant School to Parent Communication

The lucid and timely sharing of information between schools and their families is essential for resourceful and consistent education. School apps today improve school to parent communication by providing a multitude of advantages for schools, students and parents. They

  • Remove the monetary and environmental cost of paper newsletters.
  • Notes are communicated progressively by school staff to parents.
  • Saves the time of school staff by reducing phone calls with recurring and often

needless questions.

  • Helps sustain and maintain a harmonious relationship with parents.
  • Remind parents of approaching events or changes.
  • Inform students about their home works, clubs and different school news through

individual calendar.

2. Make sure parents receive the message

Just a couple of years ago, schools and teachers had to rely on the child giving the report card, letter or document to their parents. Pointless to say, many letters were left in the school bag. With school apps, the information can now be directly transferred to parents without any delay.

Benefits to Parents

  • Provides parents with a simple way to know what is going on.
  • Ensures parents always obtain notes.
  • Reduces ‘bad parent days’ by reminding busy parents about forthcoming school


  • Informs parents when events are rained out, avoiding dissatisfaction

3. School Apps Facilitate Access to Content

As more and more schools now have blogs and websites, it gives both parents and students the facility to remain up to date with events and information that the school puts out. The accessibility of a school app lets the school increase its availability and openness to parents, which is imperative to student’s development.

A school app allows content and information to be sent to people at any point of time. Previously, documents that were stored on the home computer could only be viewed from one location (which could be inconvenient). Now with the advent of school apps, the same information can be accessed on a bus, as parents walk their kids to school or from any other location.

4. No Typing Required

Previously the user would have to type in the website address from a desktop and kill time until the relevant page is loaded. With a school app, the information can be accessed immediately by just loading the school app from mobile home screens. This provides a much enhanced user experience with an increased possibility of the content being read.

5. School Apps are Cool

One of the most important benefits of school mobile apps is that they are distinctive and offer a sense of fun. Both parents and children enjoy using the school mobile app, as the use of technology is appealing and exciting. This is a great way for schools to persuade interaction and get the wider community involved.

6. Reporting Bullying

Name-calling, gossiping, taunts, segregation, physical abuse – Bullying! We see and hear about it quite frequently and know for a fact that it’s a crucial problem for schools. But students often hesitate to report their problems due to several reasons. Indeed, it’s so severely built into our culture. So, how can a student be expected to turn it around? Well, no more fears. School apps today allow students to report cases of bullying that they have either witnessed or been victims of. The key is it’s a facility for students to easily report bullying safely and confidentially by submitting photos, messages or videos to school administrators, who are alerted in real time. One of the advantages of this facility is that it sort of takes the pressure off of having to go up in front of an authority and kind of being the sneak. Each message contains a GPS tag that could, at least supposedly, help adults interfere.

7.School Newsletters

School apps allow parents to read the school newsletters where they can check details and understand what’s happening in the school each week. Parents will always have the school newsletter stored within their smart phones, where they can check details and know what’s happening each week.

8. Interactive Forms

The use of parent portal in tracking real-time information about students facilitates parents to involve with their child’s learning and creates a greater opportunity to have learning conversations with their children. With the advancement in the school app, parents get the opportunity to liaise with the teachers directly. For the first time parents can submit excursion permission slips and details regarding student absences directly without any chasing! It’s as easy as that.

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