5 Misconceptions Parents have about EYFS

Since EYFS is entirely different from traditional schooling, parents have some misconceptions. Some parents don’t understand its importance, some others expect more from it and some of them are dubious about its working. To utilize the benefits of EYFS to maximum, it is necessary to wipe out all the misconceptions from parents’ mind. Here are some of those misconceptions.

“It is just a nursery…”

Many parents have that belief. Actually, they don’t understand its importance. Major emotional and social development of the child takes place at this age; therefore, they need great care and attention. They need to have a stress-free, liberal and motivating atmosphere. EYFS works on child-led and play based format. It needs frequent intervention from parents. The practitioners inform parents regarding each and every development of the child. The parents should always give proper attention to the child’s developments and changes.

When the teacher frequently tries to contact, some parents may feel it unnecessary. They think “it is just a nursery, not higher class. Then why these people are troubling us like this?” This notion should be removed by making them understand the importance of early education in the development of children.

“It’s not our duty…”

When teachers give small tasks to the children to do from home or something to read with parents, some parents get angry. They think the educator alone is responsible for teaching the child. The parents won’t help in anyway other than financially. They claim that they paid well for their child’s education and therefore, the school should do all the work. It is your child; so you must know them and that will help them a lot than any other teaching.

They take money for doing nothing

The providers are not teaching anything in the traditional way but they demand more money. The parents won’t understand the risk and expense of gathering, compiling and sharing the data. Actually the EYFS practitioners are doing much more than an ordinary teacher.

“Not teaching anything.”

Some parents make complaints about the EYFS providers that they are not teaching anything. They expect their child to learn so many things fast because they are paying well. EYFS has its own format of teaching. It is not simply teaching from the books. They are not teaching in the traditional way. They are following the child-led and play based format for teaching.

Some parents are worried while seeing the annual or monthly reports. It’s all about playing and other things. They are worried the system is not giving proper importance to learning.

Some expect drastic development in their child             

The overall development of the child takes place in few years. From birth to the age of five, it happens gradually. EYFS cannot do any wonders in the given time. EYFS is for evaluating, providing support, guiding and informing parents about the attitude and skills of their child.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets standards for the learning and development of children from birth to five years. This will surely help parents and teachers to trace the path of development of their child. EYFS supports a new and integrated approach towards early learning and care. This sets some common principals and ways or routine for all the practitioners who provide early education and childcare.

EYFS gives special attention to the child’s emotional and creative development. But some parents expect academic development only. They undervalue the emotional and creative development.

The first task for EYFS providers is to wipe out all the misconceptions and worries from the parents’ mind and making them confident about their child’s development.

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