Smart Apps for Preschoolers with Special Needs

Learning has become more interesting and easier with the evolution of smart apps. there are smart apps especially created for preschoolers with special needs. These Smart apps for preschoolers make it easier for teachers to manage preschoolers with special needs.

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Here are some examples of smart apps for preschoolers with special needs:

1.Autism Core Skills

Autism Core Skills are a loaded app full of things such as smooth graphics, custom settings, easy to access content and data collection. This app grants a free trial opportunity to know whether it fits the needs of parents, teachers, therapists, and above all the needs of students.

2.Chill Outz

Chill Outz is a collection of five animated stories that provide regulation and relaxation techniques for children. Kids are able to learn strategies like body regulation and focused breathing by watching animals getting through the different tensed situation. This app helps to calm down and make children focused without much difficulty.

3.Birdhouse for Special Needs

Birdhouse app is used for tracking a childs diet, health and behavioral data along with scheduling as well as therapy information. Apart from this, the app allows to interact with Birdhouse via e-mail, offer feedback and create an icon from within an app.

4.Table It!

Table It app contains 34 editable sample tables and with that users are able to make unlimited number of tables for organizing any type of information desired. In addition to this, user can make a table schedule, make a data set in math, organize information from history class and create a table for entering personal information or their special interests. This particular app helps to inculcate creative ability in users.


One must create a user account for getting started with this MagnusCards app. Here the child may require help from adults. After that, child can help Magnus collect Magnus Points which look like gold coins. More points will be gained whenever they complete more daily tasks.

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6.Autism Discovery Tool

Autism Discovery Tool ,this particular app helps to explore the senses and hence able to experience the ways by which people on all aspects of the autism might see the world. One can use this app as a tool for teaching acceptance, tolerance and understanding. It can also be a useful app for making discussions with kids regarding how differently they perceive the world.

7.ZyroMath City Count

ZyroMath City Count, this app makes counting easier for children aged between six to eight irrespective of their physical or cognitive inabilities. It is very much useful to parents and teachers as the app can switch custom settings for game play to accessory compatibility and can track progress for multiple users.

8. iDo Hygiene

iDo Hygiene app provides real-life images and videos of self care and hygiene routines aimed for pre-teen students with special needs. One of the specialties of this app is high customization and clear presentation of tasks.

9.Smart Steps Mobile

Smart Steps Mobile app helps teens as well as adults develop executive function skills and independent living in stressful situations. This app is especially made for child suffering from autism, developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, or Down syndrome.

10. Visual Supports

This app includes pictures, printed words, a combination of pictures and printed words, concrete items, etc. It helps children to develop abilities like proper understanding of spoken language, maintain attention and organize and sequence their environment.

Smart apps for preschoolers with special needs is a great aid to teachers as well as parents. It is a relatively difficult task to teach children with special needs. Here smart apps can become handy and it helps to develop a variety of skills in children.

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