We at Edsys provide the complete ERP system necessary for you to manage the overall functioning of your school. This enterprise resource system is not only meant for schools, but also for parents and students as well.

At present, we serve about 40 institutions across the globe. Our wide range of products include

  • School work force Management System for schools
  • Timetable Management Software for teachers
  • Parent App for parents
  • Smartcards for students
  • EYFS Management software for pre-schools

A number of our clients are from the UAE and India. Apart from school management, Edsys also provides products such as library management and the sort as well.

The importance of mobile applications cannot be disregarded either, and hence we make use of various mobile applications in our products. Thus we add convenience and user friendliness to our software. 

To ensure student safety, we provide products such as the School Bus Tracker App. We have a separate domain exclusively for TrackSchoolBus software of which, the details can be found in www.trackschoolbus.com

We understand that going forward; technology will play a huge role in education. Therefore we try our best to provide schools, parents, teachers and students with valuable insights through our blog and newsletters.