Web And Mobile

There are two main interfaces meant for teachers practicing EYFS. The mobile application allows the EYFS providers to record children’s activities from anywhere, anytime while the web application, being an extended version, allows the providers to sit down and carry out larger amount of work.

Simple UI

The interface of the EYFS application is very simple and user-friendly and therefore, the users do not find it difficult to use. Not all people may be tech-savvy but the simple and colourful interface of EYFS makes it easy for even the common people to work on it.

Unique Profiles

The EYFS providers can maintain a separate profile for each child, where they can store images and data regarding the child’s activities. They can create post cards or communicate with the children’s parents about the progress of the children through the profiles they have created

EYFS Data Collection

Usually, the photographs and videos to assess the development of a child are recorded using a camera, which are then transferred to a system and then uploaded to the server. However, with the EYFS mobile application, the providers can easily capture the images and videos.

Database Syncing

Data collected within a Smartphone application can be automatically updated to the database and it will be available to other smart devices and PCs using the application. This sort of updating makes it convenient for parents and school authorities to check the profiles of children.

Smart Search

With images and videos being captured and stored to analyze development of a child at each stage, finding a particular video or image out of them will be a difficult task. But with Smart Search, it is very easy for you to find the particular image or video that you need.

Create Postcards

Sending post cards is a part of the EYFS curriculum, which can be made easy with the EYFS mobile application or web application. Teachers can pick images from the image gallery for the post cards and then, send them to parents with comments and grades.

Make Reports

The EYFS providers are supposed to create and maintain reports to assess the development of children in their early years. The task is made easy with the EYFS Management Software, with which the teachers can easily generate reports in the form of PDF files on a monthly or yearly basis.

Easy Sharing

Easy SharingPhysically creating post cards and creating reports to check the development of a child and then sharing them with the parents can be a tough task. However, with EYFS web and mobile applications, they can be easily shared using email, Bluetooth, etc. from your phone.

Our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Management software makes it easy for EYFS practitioners to collect data and share them with parents. We make use of cutting edge technology to save time and effort for recording data so that the practitioner can concentrate more on the children rather than the data collection.


Previously, Early Years practitioners had to depend on written records and spend a lot of time taking pictures and doing back end work. They had to create postcards with the pictures taken using cameras and then give it to parents in person or by mailing. All that time-consuming manual work can be replaced with our EYFS system, which has mobile and web applications.


Teachers would be able to use smartphones to capture and record different activities of children, grade them and add comments before sharing them with parents. They need not put in extra hours just to sort out the data and send post cards physically.


The EYFS app has a user friendly interface. Hence it would be easy teachers to use it on a day to day basis. If used in tandem with our parent portal, it becomes easy for the school/college management to sync the database.


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